Day: June 15, 2020

Innovative Use of Spray Foam Insulation

It is interesting to know that research studies undertaken by the US Department of Energy have shown that 40% of a residence’s energy is lost due to air infiltration through walls, windows, doors, and other apertures.

The second law of thermodynamics states that heat flows from a warm space to a cold one. This is to say, warm air from inside your compact home will flow towards the colder air outside – mainly when the outside weather is cold.


Fiberglass, which has been traditional building insulation, helps prevent this from happening. However, many are not aware that spray foam insulation is a more effective method for preventing heat loss. It is also easy to install and quite economical. It is reliably learned that spray foam insulation saves on energy costs and meaningfully reduces utility bills.

Apart from temperature and moisture control, spray foam insulation is also said to reduce … Read More