Day: June 16, 2020

17 Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Black-Owned Businesses

In the weeks following George Floyd’s death, many people have taken to sharing resources to support the Black Lives Matter movement, from protest locations and donation links to phone numbers and email templates for contacting local representatives. Many have also made lists of Black-owned businesses — from local restaurants to fashion brands to bookstores — that have been disproportionately affected by the financial effects of COVID-19 to support right now. And, what better occasion to start shopping from them than Father’s Day?

June 21 is now less than a week away, meaning that if you haven’t already bought (or made) your dad his present, it’s about time you hop to it. Does your dad have a tendency to “borrow” your beauty products when you’re in town? Then he’s going to love Klur’s Immersion hydrating serum. Has his go-to Hawaiian shirt seen better days? Wales Bonner has a solution to

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