Day: June 28, 2020

30 people around MLB explain what they got better at

We got to wondering how baseball people were using time ordinarily spent playing baseball, given a world suddenly granting unlimited free refills of time.

(I picked up a guitar, downloaded an app and starting in the fall will be touring with Ratt. Hannah picked up a baseball, fired her first fastball at a velocity within posted speed limits on her city block, and now is considering three offers to fill out coronavirus-era bullpens.)

So we asked around — what non-baseball thing have you gotten better at in the past couple months? We got beekeeping and piano playing and sunset watching and meditating and, seriously, beekeeping. There were a decent number of, “Well, uh, nothing really,” which is cool, because getting better at doing nothing is a pretty useful skill in pandemics and baseball.

In all, 30 people in and around the game told us about how they have

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