Day: June 30, 2020

An animator built a miniature version of IBM’s iconic 1401 computer system from scratch. Take a look.

ibm 1401 mini model
ibm 1401 mini model

Nicolas Temese

  • A Montreal-based creator modeled a miniature replica of IBM’s iconic 1401 computer system.

  • Nicolas Temese told Business Insider that the scale model includes everything from the setup at the time: a punchcard reader, tape drives, a query console, a central unit, and a line printer.

  • Temese said his model is going to be displayed in Silicon Valley’s Computer History Museum, which also showcases a working, real-size 1401 computer system.

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Nicolas Temese doesn’t work as a modeler full-time — he’s a technical director at a small animation studio in Montreal, Canada, where he’s based.

But he’s spent hours creating a mini version of IBM’s successful 1401 computer.


The machine celebrated its 60th anniversary last year. It debuted in 1959 and became one of the first mass-produced computers. It was relatively affordable and sold 12,000 units, with standard

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Choosing the Right Watches

Presently most people own a mobile phone, and so many people who previously only wore a watch for the sole purpose of telling the time have thought that there was no point owning a wristwatch anymore because they can already access the time on their phone.

Watch Manufacture

The watch manufacturing industry is not giving up, though. Despite many people not wearing watches, there are still many people who have the habit of wearing a watch and use watches as their chosen method to find out the time. However, with so many people choosing not to wear watches, the ビジネス用腕時計 industry has had to come up with more ways to keep us interested in wearing a business watch.

This involves trying to convince consumers that watches are fashion accessories and are great to accessorize your outfits with. Many top designers agree – with 20代女性に人気の腕時計 available from all the big brand … Read More