21 Designer Meditation Room Ideas for Instant Destressing

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My New Year’s Resolutions for the past six years has been to commit to meditating as a form of mindful stress reduction. I’ve tried all the apps and even signed up for a few guided classes, and the habit just hasn’t stuck—but maybe it would if I had a dedicated room to do it in. Whether, you, too have a hard time sticking with meditating or you’re already a regular, the right environment will undoubtedly enhance the practice. So I found 20 meditation rooms from designers with plenty of ideas to help you decorate a corner, basement, spare room, or backyard shed into a wellness sanctuary.

As you will soon see, it’s all the intention behind meditation rooms that makes them so special: cultivating a physical place, no matter how big or small, where you can relax, reconnect with yourself, and allow your mind to be your sanctuary instead of satan’s playground (just me?). According to this scientific study on meditation, the health benefits are pretty staggering, as it changes brain activity and patterns. It’s linked to improving anxiety and depression, reducing insomnia, lowering blood pressure (when accompanied by other treatment methods), and helping manage certain types of pain, any of which are reason enough to give meditation a shot. And if that doesn’t motive you (by you, I mean me), then these designer meditation room ideas will. Better headspaces and healthier habits ahead!

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Opt for Beanbags

Designed by Elizabeth Georgantas in House Beautiful’s 2018 Whole Home concept house and aptly dubbed the “Sleep It Off Suite, ” this room was designed specifically and exclusively for recovery from day-to-day life. Beanbags are a great alternative to mats and cushions and help keep the vibe chill.


Install a Water Feature

Here’s the other side of Georgantas’s tranquility suite, where a wall-mounted water feature blocks out white noise with a more natural, peaceful sound. Bark inspired grasscloth wallpaper further connected it to nature. A chair provides more structured seating the beanbags for when you need to stay upright and awake.


Calm Down Your Home Gym

When meditating just isn’t cutting it, clear your mind and recalibrate with some quality punching bag time. This home studio by Cass & Nico blends barre and boxing workouts with yoga and meditation beautifully.


Set Up Camp in a Yurt

Beverly Kerzner turned an open clearing at the edge of her property into a dreamy guest room with this semi-permanent yurt. Another great way to use it when visitors aren’t occupying it? Meditation. Layers of floor rugs and connection to the great outdoors are just a few touches that make it the perfect meditation setting.


Use Nature-Inspired Decor

Think about what you’ll be using the space for so you can set the right mood that’ll actually inspire you to, well, use it. In this space, Regan Baker Design incorporated plenty of nature-inspired decor to create a calming environment, from the hanging greenery to the decorative wood wall piece and wave-like wallpaper. Talk about restorative.


Paint It All White

Leanne Ford transformed a backyard barn into a striking home yoga studio. The leaning tree branch is the perfect wabi-sabi addition (it’s a great plant choice when on a tight budget). If you don’t have a backyard garden shed or barn to convert, consider painting the floor and walls of an unused garage white and then furnishing the space with stylish cream meditation cushions and mats.


Bring in a Day Bed

Part-time workout studio and part-time meditation pad, this home gym designed by Sherry Hart and Jennifer Jones Condon does it all. See those pretty gold and white decorative objects? They’re actually weights that double as sculptures. Seagrass meditation cushions and a daybed are there when a head-clearing is preferred to sweating it out on the Peleton.


Look Outside

Here’s another home gym that proves the power of both boxing and meditation. Design couple The Novogratz turned their sunroom a multi-purpose wellness zone. The large windows give the effect of being outside—but with air conditioning! To ensure the room can also be used for other activities like reading, resting, meditating, or even as a mudroom, they kept the useable floor space mostly bare and dressed it up with whimsical lighting, floating shelves, and some artwork.


Install a Swin Bench

Designed by Nicole Hollis Studio, this pavilion is perfectly positioned for meditation, reading, napping, and basically anything relaxing. If you have a similar indoor/outdoor space, consider installing a swinging daybed that can help lull you into a calmer headspace.


Put a Hallway to Use

A disco ball in the adjoining room creates a mesmerizing light projection on the walls in this hallway by Leanne Ford Interiors. Textural, calming wall art and a rug for a softer landing when seated on the ground complete this meditation space that gives an otherwise transitional area real purpose.


Choose a Calm Yet Energizing Color

Crosby Studio took a playful yet minimalist approach with minty fresh painted floors and a singular floating shelf with a few relaxing objects for yoga and meditation sessions.


Make Storage Easy

In this open living room by Shapeless Studio, meditation cushions are stored under the built-in bench and plants line the floating shelves for a refreshing (and well-organized) multi-use space.


Go Dark

This lounge by GRT Architects is optimized for meetings and after-work drinks but also has a projector so it can be used as a theater when the mood strikes and even works for midday naps and meditation, thanks to the tonal black color scheme.


Play With Light and Shape

To utilize this indoor/outdoor transitional space at Rae’s On Wategos, Tamsin Johnson made a little day bed by simply adding a cushion and some throw pillows. The architectural cut-outs create visual intrigue in the minimalist environment while also allowing sunshine to leak through for reading light and to create flow from outside to inside. It’s hard to even just look at this nook and not feel instantly calmer.


Give Your Office a Zen Make Over

Laura Hodges Studio created the ultimate flex space at this year’s Whole Home. This biophillic room makes it much easier to remember now to hunch over your desk for too long since there’s so much else to do just steps away and within eyesight. Though it encourages physical health with a suspension trainer, it’s free of any unsightly cardio machines. There’s even a mini sound bath on the shelf. Velvet cushions on the window seat, a hemp rug, and tons of greenery radiate relaxing energy.


Make It Kid-Friendly

Designer Darryl Carter hung swings in this converted garage gym/meditation room to make it kid-friendly for a group of growing boys at the family home.


Glass In a Patio

There’s no better space in the house to meditate in than the glassed-in patio. Nate Berkus optimized this beautiful meditation space with crystals, incense, and a gong above the seat. The soothing colors and natural light polish things off.


Let the Light Pour In

Interior designer Sarah Anderson-Magness left the windows bare to let light pour in and to spotlight the environment beyond, giving it the effect of a calming sunroom. “I have no neighbors and we’re high enough to have privacy,” she says. “I love being able to look out and see the trees.” It would be the perfect place to meditate in.


Make It Colorful

It’s all about what calms your mind, so you might actually prefer a colorful backdrop when meditating. In this multi-use guest room and media room, wife-and-husband duo Heather and Matt French opted for bold pattern, dramatic color, and tons of texture, then crowned the design with a curtained trundle bed and added closed-door, trellis-inspired cabinets.


Section It Off With Curtains

Hang a sheer curtain around a relaxation meditation space within a larger room. In this home by Studio Diaa, curtains help block noise and light from the surrounding space when you need some privacy.


Go Windowless

You don’t need windows and tons of natural light (or any for that matter) to make a beautiful meditation room. Leanne Ford transformed this odd basement storage room into a bonafide sanctuary. The low-to-the-ground cushions create a cozy, homey feel perfect for meditation.

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