30 Home Stoarge Ideas for Every Room in Your House

OK, so you don’t really have enough storage space. (Join the club.) Time to stop wallowing and start strategizing, guys. Here are 30 snazzy home storage ideas to sneak extra storage into every room in the house.

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1. Floating Bar

Bonus points if it doubles as a mirror.

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2. Coat Peg

No closet, no floor space—no problem.

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3. Cookware Stand

Go ahead, put your prized pots on display.

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4. Medicine Cabinet Mirror

Zero style factor sacrificed.

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5. Storage Bed


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6. Wall-Flush Etageres

BYO built-ins.

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7. Pet Feeder Station

Stash all things Fido in one tidy hub.

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8. Storage Bench

Behold: perfect purse storage.


9. Mini Trunk

Styled as an edgy side table.

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10. Woven Baskets

A pretty drop zone for umbrellas and sporting goods.


11. Garden Tool Rack

A place for everything and everything in its place.

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12. Door Organizer

No pantry? Fib one in your broom closet.

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13. Corner Shelf

Perfect for a shower stall or tiny powder room.

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14. Sliding Baskets

Don’t forget to use your coffee table clearance.

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15. Decorative Suitcases

To stash everyday unsightliness (like chargers, cords and documents).

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16. Wine Rack

Open up some counter space.

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17. Bed Caddy

A nightstand in a space-pinch.


18. Sleeper Sofa with Storage

Psst: You can hide your guest linens in the chaise.

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19. Hall Tree

Go ahead, fake a mudroom.

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20. Magnetic Knife Holder

Get that knife block off the counter.

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21. Over-Sink Draining Rack

How very Finnish of you.

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22. Bunk Bed Suite

When your kiddo’s bed is also their desk and dresser.

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23. Towel Rack Mirror

Two birds, one stone.

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24. Rolling Shelves

Time to wrangle your garage, lady.


25. Cupboard-Mount Trash Can

Outta sight, outta mind.

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26. Cloth Cubbies

Maximize your closet.

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27. Mug Rack

Open up some major cupboard real estate.

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28. Door Hook

Bonus: No nails.

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29. Drawer Organizers

Like bowling bumpers for your drawers.


30. Garden Shed

We mean, it’s a practical necessity.

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