5 amazing traditional fireplace ideas to consider

Are you thinking of investing in a cozy fireplace this winter? Or maybe you want to switch up the style of your existing hearth. No matter what your motivation is, these five traditional fireplace ideas are worth consideration!

Fireplaces add a special, cozy feeling to a space that simply can’t be replicated any other way. To learn more about what fireplace designs will look best in your home, keep reading.

Classic red brick

Brick fireplaces have been a go-to for many homeowners for centuries. They’re stunning, affordable, and stylish. The classic red brick fireplace made a big comeback in the mid-twentieth century, adorning modern and traditionally styled homes with rustic and timeless charm.

When designing with a red brick fireplace,  ensure that you show off the hearth; don’t attempt to hide it. The red brick is certainly a focal point in the room, so it’s good to work with it rather than against it. Modern homes can do well by using muted tones around the room so that the fireplace stands out.

It’s certainly possible to incorporate a brick fireplace into a contemporary home. This traditional feature looks best with a sweet, cottage aesthetic. Pairing exposed red brick with rustic elements like raw woods, galvanized metals, and natural decor can create a scheme that feels both cozy and luxurious.

classic Victorian inspired fireplace design

Victorian fireplace

The Victorian era was known for its elegance and grandeur approach to design. Intricately carved patterns and statement pieces were a staple of the time, and these fireplaces reflect this regality and appreciation for detail. They can be the centerpiece to any room and look stunning in homes with a dash of sophistication.

If you’re planning to use a Victorian fireplace in your design, pair it with a sleek marble-toned mantel to finish off the expensive look. Of course, you can remodel your existing hearth, using floral tiles and carvings in the woodwork to create a Victorian-inspired feature.

No matter what you choose, be sure to also include an ornamental screen for your Victorian fireplace. Here, you can show off your personality with a customized screen that ties into your home’s overall design.


Grand fireplaces come in many different styles ranging from modern to Edwardian. They can be both electric or wood-powered, so they can suit several different homes. One thing all grand fireplaces have in common, however, is their size. As the name suggests, they tend to be quite large, with the ensemble running from floor to ceiling.

Homes with tall ceilings and wide-open walls will work best with grand fireplaces. Ceilings should be at least nine feet tall so the fireplace doesn’t overwhelm space. If you have vaulted ceilings, even better. This draws the eye upwards, encouraging guests to view all of the magnificence of this centerpiece.

industrial wood burning stove in living room

Woodburning stove

Woodburning stoves were another hot commodity in the mid-twentieth century, but they’ve been a valuable addition to many 21st-century homes as well. These stoves are rustic, industrial, and stunning, so you can lean into the country aesthetic by filling the home with natural materials, or you can embrace the modern vibe with other metallic and industrial elements.

Be aware, however, that wood stoves require ample space to prevent a room from becoming smoky, and it’s important to keep them away from carpet or other flammable pieces of decor.

Tiled fireplace

If you want to add a traditional fireplace to your room but want a more customizable and colorful option, then a tiled fireplace is just what you need. Tiled fireplaces are similar to brick but include a few modern twists. There are more color, pattern, and texture options, so you can personalize the hearth to fit your design style.

Classic white tile is clean, streamlined, and perfect for minimal or contemporary styled homes. Alternatively, you can invest in patterned or colored tiles to create a more maximalist or bohemian-inspired design. Tiled fireplaces can be as eclectic or as simplistic as you prefer, making them a perfect option for homeowners who love customized features.

Traditional fireplaces have long been the focal point of living rooms, becoming the heart of the home. Whether you choose to show off your fireplace with a grand or classic red brick scheme or opt to keep things simple with tile or late-Victorian designs, you’re sure to create a cozy haven during the winter.

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