55 Things For Your Home That Are Really, Really Clever

Home makeovers are super popular right now, with entire television channels dedicated to the art of making your space look bigger, brighter, and worthy of a magazine cover. My favorites are the ones dedicated to clever little tricks and hacks you can accomplish in seconds. I admit, I often find myself inspired by the brilliant ideas you can find on a show. Luckily, I have Amazon to turn to when the urge to upgrade my house hits. It’s open 24 hours, so even a 2 a.m. shopping spree is easily doable.

For me, finding technology and home fashions that are both on-trend and functional is key to my search. For example, a couch insert that offers support and eliminates having to go out and buy a whole new sofa is totally going into my cart. Or this ingenious universal knife organizer that frees up a whole kitchen drawer and looks great while doing it. These are only a couple of the things I’ve found on Amazon to refresh my living space without really having to lift a finger (okay, you need a finger for this vacuum sealer, but it’s so easy and so satisfying to watch). What’s even more impressive, is these items come highly recommended and reviewed by your fellow Amazon shoppers — so feel free to fill your cart with some really, really clever ideas for your home.

Take a few moments here as I share some of my top picks.

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This Air Purifier That Has A Fragrance Sponge To Freshen Your Space

Combine three great ideas in one slim form when you set up this air purifier that also freshens the air. A built-in fragrance sponge lets you scent the air with your favorite essential oils, and an onboard nightlight offers calming illumination. HEPA filtration removes up to 95{397f7d3bf28e79e4b04697a61c19976344b6039fc71c31bcb0404a4bd2f8b6ab} of 0.3-micron contaminants, delivering easier breathing throughout your space.


This Almond Stick That Quickly Takes Care Of Scratches On Furniture & Floors

As one reviewer exclaimed, this stick-style scratch and stain remover “works as promised,” making scratches disappear from wood as soon as you swipe it on. Rub the stick on the scratch, wipe, and be amazed as it simply isn’t there. Use it on tables, floors, and other wood accents to restore your stuff to glory.


A Pack Of Under-Cabinet Mug Hangers That Clip Onto Shelves

Don’t all of us have an ever-expanding collection of mugs for our tea or coffee? This pack of under-cabinet mug hangers gets your collection up off the shelf and makes the most of your cupboard space. They hook on easily to the shelf above, providing a sturdy spot to store your most-used cups. You can use them for pots and oven mitts, too.


This Stretchy Bed Sheet Holder That Can Handle Tossing & Turning

Secure your sheets for a good night’s rest with this bed sheet holder. Ideal for sheets that are short in the pocket, this wide band goes over your fitted sheet to hold it in place — you don’t even have to try to tuck. It stays in place even when it’s time to change your linens. Choose from three sizes to match your mattress.


These Under-Cabinet Lights That You Control By Remote

Make midnight runs to the kitchen for snacks a little bit easier with this set of wireless lights. Warm LEDs offer subtle illumination to enhance your space and help you find what you’re looking for. Control over brightness and timing is as simple as using the included remote. These lights are easy to mount without the need for hardware.


A Set Of Shower Shelves That Shouldn’t Damage Your Walls

Put the drill away and mount these bathroom shower shelves instead. The durable acrylic design easily holds your shampoo, conditioner and cleansing products. Vented bases drain water away to keep these holders free from mold and mildew. Each shelf comes with ultra-strong adhesive to ensure they stay in place. Pick from white or clear black.


A Sleek Touchless Soap Dispenser That Uses Infrared Sensing

You can keep your hands clean and your space looking sleek with this touchless soap dispenser. Infrared sensing dispenses the perfect amount of liquid soap for thorough hand-washing, while the stainless steel construction makes a sophisticated statement on kitchen and bathroom counters. You can also mount it on the wall.


This Window Cling That’s Pretty & Keeps Out Prying Eyes

Neighbors are nice, but that doesn’t mean you have to offer them a full view of your home. This privacy film serves its purpose with aplomb. The etched-glass-like look features bamboo stalks, creating an instant upgrade to your window. Anti-UV window foil creates the added benefit of blocking out harmful UV rays and keeping out the heat.


This Drywall Repair Putty That Also Works On Wood & Plaster

Make quick repairs of nail holes and other small blemishes with this drywall repair putty. Ideal for restoring your apartment walls, this formula applies easily and dries quickly for a smooth finish. Use it on drywall, plaster, or wood with like-new results. You can keep the putty knife in your toolbox — it’s that easy to apply.


These Weatherproof Solar Pathway Lights That Look So Expensive

Illuminate your garden path or patio with these solar pathway lights. The look is super expensive but doesn’t bend your budget, and the wireless design lets you put them anywhere. Charging is automatic — using the day’s sunlight — and these lights turn on at dusk for up to 10 hours of soft illumination. Choose from warm or warm white styles.


These Self-Watering Hanging Planters That Eliminate The Need For A Watering Can

Get your gardening on — even if you’re just a beginner — with this set of two self-watering hanging planters. The dual-pot construction provides even watering without over-saturating so you can fill it and forget it. A convenient drain plug gets rid of excess water for perfectly hydrated plants, and the included chains make it easy to hang these pots from balconies or porches.


A Large Storage Ottoman That Offers Lots Of Storage Space

Declutter quickly without putting away all the things you use most. This clever storage ottoman keeps your living room neat and your blankets, remotes, and magazines close-by. The button-tufted top adds a touch of design to your space. Lift it off to reveal edge-to-edge storage for just about anything you can think of, and pick from beige, blue, or gray.


This Pack Of 2 Lazy Susan Turntables For Your Cupboard, Counter, Or Fridge

Love cooking, but hate having to rifle through your cupboards to find your spices? This simple lazy Susan set makes it easy to organize. The sides are clear for easy viewing, and the whole thing turns for easy access. These turntables are made with BPA-free plastic, combining durability with your peace of mind.


An Under-Table Drawer That Adds Extra Storage Space

Turn a table into a multifunction desk or keep your crafting supplies on hand with this under-table drawer. It sticks to the bottom of your work surface with durable adhesive, and remains solidly in place throughout daily use. The compact size is ideal for small crafting supplies, pens, and other items. Pick from white or gray.


This Smart Light Switch That Works With Voice Control

Program your lights and control them anywhere with this smart light switch. The standard plate fits over your regular switch for an effortless upgrade. Compatibility with Alexa and Google assistant lets you turn on the lights by simply asking, and you can use the Kasa app to schedule your lighting for energy efficient illumination.


These Cute Corner Shelves That Add Storage Without Taking Up Space

Have a knack for picking up knick-knacks, but you don’t know where to put them? This corner-hugging set of shelves provides a sleek and stunning answer. Easy to mount in any corner, this five-level piece provides room for plants, pictures, and anything else you’d like to show off. It’s made from laminated MDF for durability and is available in seven finishes.


A Couch Insert That Saves Your Sofa & Offers Support

Add a little extra oomph to your living room sofa with this forward-thinking cushion support insert. Simply unfold it and place it underneath your couch cushions to stop the sink that can happen on extended movie nights. The universal design fits most couches up to 67 inches long. Have a smaller loveseat? Simply fold it up.


This Smart Light Bulb That Offers 8 Different Modes

Customize the way you sleep, wake, and even party with this smart light bulb. App compatibility lets you use your phone for control, while eight lighting modes provide personalized illumination. Choose different colors to highlight your events, or dim the light slowly to help you fall asleep. You can even have it brighten in the morning for a gentle wakeup call.


This Wireless Doorbell That Uses A Standard Outlet

No doorbell? No problem. This wireless doorbell is easy to set up without the need to call an electrician. The push-button doorbell mounts with adhesive, while the compact receiver plugs into any standard outlet. Choose from 35 chimes and 17 sounds to herald your guests’ arrival. An LED inside adds visual alerts.


A Mini Security Camera That Monitors Your Space

Invest in a little extra security when you’re away from home with this compact security cam. It’s small in size for unobtrusive placement, yet provides a clear 1080-pixel view both day and night. Set up motion detection zones to see what matters most. This camera boasts two-way talk so you can easily interact with pets or nannies.


These Super-Soft Brushed Pillowcases That Come In 16 Colors

Rest your head at the end of the day on these super-soft brushed microfiber pillowcases. A generous size fits most standard pillows, delivering a comfortable, clever upgrade to your bedding. Choose from a virtual rainbow of colors to customize your next. The machine-washable fabric offers incredibly easy care.


This Textured Bath Mat That Has A Loofah Effect

Say goodbye to suction cups with this textured bath mat. The soft design stays in place for security in the shower. A unique PVC construction features a loofah-like texture so you can easily scrub your feet. Simply put it in place, shower securely, and hang it up to dry. I wish I had thought of that.


A Smart Power Strip That Helps Automate Your Home

Connect and control up to three devices with this smart power strip that doesn’t require a hub. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for convenient voice control, and three USB ports offer effortless device charging. You can use your smartphone for effortless monitoring and setting of all three outlets. The built-in surge protection helps keep your appliances and electronics protected, too.


This Vinyl-Free Mattress Cover That’s Waterproof

Provide a layer of protection against pets, perspiration, and other liquids with this waterproof mattress protector. The clever design doesn’t crinkle or creak like covers of the past, letting you get a peaceful night’s sleep. Microfiber covers a thin TPU layer so your mattress stays safe while you slumber. Choose from a two-piece twin set or grab a king or queen size cover.


A Roll-Up Drying Rack That You Can Store Under Your Sink

Ditch your old dish-drying rack setup in favor of this compact and versatile roll-up drying rack. The bamboo construction resists mold and mildew, and the multifunction design is ideal for dishes, vegetables, and defrosting meat. Use it under your hot pots as a clever and cooling trivet. Roll it up for easy storage after use.


A Wireless Charger That’s Compact For Your Nightstand

Get a peaceful night of sleep and wake up to a fully charged phone with this compact wireless charger. The LED only lights up when it’s activated, so you can get some rest — and the rubber ring around the surface holds your device securely in place. With a universal design, this charger is compatible with most wireless-charging-enabled phones along with wireless earbuds.


This Silicone Toilet Brush That Really Gets Down Deep

No matter how much you scrub, there’s only so much a regular toilet brush can do. This totally bendable brush is ready to handle your entire bowl. An ultra-long handle keeps your hands out of the water and chemicals, and the wall-mountable based ensures it’s always within reach. Silicone bristles get the job done without scratching porcelain.


This Multifunction Toilet Paper Holder With Room For Cleaning Supplies

Perfect for powder rooms and apartment bathrooms, this slender toilet paper holder also boasts a cabinet for a little extra storage. Use it for your bowl brush or your bathroom cleaner — it even has a door to keep it all out of sight. A nifty little shelf on top is ideal for displaying plants or decor.


A Set Of Cool Bamboo Sheets With Deep Pockets

Sleep in cool comfort on this set of bamboo sheets. Extra-deep pockets and an all-around elastic band easily handle mattresses and memory foam pads, staying in place no matter how much you toss and turn. The 100{397f7d3bf28e79e4b04697a61c19976344b6039fc71c31bcb0404a4bd2f8b6ab} bamboo construction is gentle on your skin, and eight colors provide lots of options for decorating.


This Item Tracker With 4 Receivers For Your Stuff

Tag your wallet, keys, or glasses case and never lose them again with this handy item tracker. Color-coded tags make it easy to track your stuff with the included remote — simply push the coordinating key and your item will alert you to its location by sound. Use the included stickers to attach these trackers to phones or remotes.


An Indoor Fly Trap That Works On Mosquitoes, Too

There’s nothing more annoying than bringing home fresh fruit to a bunch of fruit flies. This clever indoor fly trap ensures that doesn’t happen. The 20 UV lights draw flies — and mosquitoes, too — and the built-in fan sucks them into the sticky pad below. It’s quiet for use throughout the night.


This Indoor Thermometer That Monitors Humidity

Place this magnetic thermometer on your refrigerator, table, or nightstand to easily track both your indoor temps and the humidity level. The large display is easy to read, while three comfort levels let you make thermostat adjustments for energy-efficiency. It also shows the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit by simply pressing the Set button.


A Bamboo Charging Station With 5 USB Ports To Handle Your Devices

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a spot to charge all your devices in one place? Prepare to be amazed by this versatile charging station that even has a built-in AirPod charger. The six-in-one setup comes with 4 cables to handle phones, tablets, and watches. Best of all, the bamboo box keeps them contained.


A 2-In-1 Universal Tablet Stand That Mounts On Walls Or Tables

Mount your tablet anywhere for hands-free viewing with this universal tablet stand. An adjustable holder works with tablets ranging from 6 to 8.75 inches in width — including Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs — and releases them quickly with just the touch of a button. This sleek design can stand on a table or be mounted on a wall or under cabinets.


This Set Of Mesh Laundry Bags That Come In Different Sizes

Laundry day is a little bit easier when you have a set of these mesh bags on hand. Multiple sizes let you sort your nylons and blouses and keep your lingerie protected in the wash. See-through, silky mesh makes it easy to see your clothing, while sturdy zippers keep everything contained. You can even use these in the dryer.


These Blackout Curtain Panels That Let You Sleep A Little Longer

Don’t let the weekend sun wake you until you’re ready with these insulated blackout curtains. Grommets at the top slide easily along standard rods for super-simple setup. They’re insulated to help you save a bit on your energy bill and pop into the washing machine for effortless maintenance. Pick from 27 designer colors.


A 30-Pack Of Nonslip Velvet Hangers That Keep Your Clothing In Place

Organizing your closet so it’s photo-shoot ready is not as hard as it seems with this pack of velvet hangers. They’re slender, so they don’t take up a lot of space, and clever notches in the shoulders keep spaghetti straps in place (and your clothes off the floor). A thoughtful shoulder line follows the shape of your shirts.


A Universal Knife Stand That Adds A Modern Touch To Your Space

Clear your kitchen drawers and put your culinary tools on display with this universal knife block. The slots can handle 12 knives up to 8 inches in blade length, and a convenient side holster keeps your kitchen shears in place. It’s all finished in sleek stainless-steel for a modern countertop touch. A weighted nonslip bottom keeps the block in place.


This Portable Air Conditioner That Has An Ice Tray For Extra Cooling

Bring a breeze with you or cool down a bedroom at night with this portable air conditioner. It’s compact for use in campers and tents, and a built in ice tray adds an extra boost of cool. Three speed settings let you adjust it for comfort, and there’s an added tip-over protection.


A Set Of Organizing Bins That Cut Down On Fridge Clutter

Set up a system so you see everything in your fridge — and things don’t get forgotten — with this set of organizer bins. Clear sides make it easy to see everything from fruits and veggies to water bottles and cans of soda. Use them in your cupboard for storing dried goods and move them easily with built-in handles.


This Nonslip Kitchen Mat That Keeps You Comfy As You Cook

Roll out this cushioned mat on your kitchen floor for edge-to-edge comfort as you cook or clean up the dishes. The Moroccan trellis pattern adds immediate modern impact to your space, while plush foam construction helps protects your posture. The PVC construction resists mold and mildew for long-term use, too. Five color options are available to coordinate with your aesthetic.


This Under-Sink Organizer That Has 2 Levels For Your Stuff

My bathroom vanity is usually a jumbled mess of things — a cacophony of clutter if you will. This under-sink organizer offers a place to keep it all contained. A modern minimalist design has two tiers for bottles and bath supplies, and convenient built-in hooks offer a spot for hanging scrubbies or cleaning cloths. Choose from black or white finishes.


These Ultrasonic Pest Repellers That Don’t Use Chemicals

Put an end to pests in your abode with this pack of six ultrasonic repellers you can plug in anywhere. Each unit works with standard outlets and delivers ultrasonic frequencies that only pests — like bugs, mice, and snakes — can hear, clearing your home without disturbing pets and family. Use one unit per room for room-to-room defense.


The Metal Toothbrush Holder That Fits Other Toiletries, Too

Pretty and practical, this metal toothbrush holder makes a sophisticated statement on your bathroom counter. Six slots offer ample storage for up to four toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other toiletries to keep them neatly contained and within easy reach. Choose from chrome or bronze finishes to match your fixtures.


A Compact Dehumidifier That Is Ideal For Bedrooms, Nurseries & Basements

Remove excess moisture from the air without taking up a lot of space by setting up this mini dehumidifier. It’s quiet — running at just 39 decibels — making it perfect for bedrooms, campers, and other sleeping spaces. A seven-color nightlight offers soft illumination, too. With automatic shutoff when the tank is full, this compact unit offers mess-free use.


These Waterproof Dining Chair Seat Covers That Offer An Instant Room Refresh

Reviews on these waterproof seat covers range from “obsessed” to “amazing,” with so many commenting on how easy they are to use. Simply stretch the cover over your existing dining chair seat for a quick and easy fix that hides rips, tears, and stains. The set comes with four and is available in 23 sophisticated colors.


This Vacuum Sealer That Lets You Stock Up Your Freezer, Fridge & Pantry

Take advantage of all the sales and stock up your fridge, freezer, and pantry with this handy vacuum sealer. Wet and dry modes let you freeze fish or keep nuts and other dry staples fresh for later enjoyment. One-touch operation supports easy one-handed use. This sealer comes with 15 bags so you can get started right away.


A 2-Pack Of Reusable Ice Cream Containers With Stickers For All Your Favorite Flavors

In my opinion, nothing is more delicious than homemade ice cream — and this set of reusable ice cream containers makes sure your recipes stay fresh. Tight-sealing lids keep air — and freezer burn — out, and the 1.6-quart capacity works well with most ice cream machines. The included labels let you name your creations before you store them, too.


This Versatile Under-Cabinet Light That Pops Into Place

Get the right lighting in the right place for virtually any task from this wireless under-cabinet light. It charges via USB for up to 24 hours of illumination and then snaps into place on the included magnetic base. Choose from warm, cool, or mixed lighting at the touch of a button. Plus, the battery takes just four hours to charge.


These Motion-Sensing Lights That Brighten Up Your Closet

Light up all your favorite looks whenever you open the door with these motion-sensing closet lights. The LED strip comes on a reel for effortless installation, and dual-mode operation lets you choose from manual or motion-sensing functions. These lights are so versatile, you can use them around makeup mirrors and under beds as well.


A Dual Sandwich Maker That Preps Brunch For 2

Make mouthwatering meals for two with this dual breakfast sandwich maker. Three layers provide space for bread, meats, cheeses, and eggs, while push-button operation makes it simple to set. You can use this machine to create sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; a recipe book is included.


A Dishwasher Magnet That Reminds You To Start The Load Or Empty It

Give roommates — or yourself — a little extra nudge to help in the kitchen with this dishwasher magnet. The simple design slides from “clean” to “dirty,” so you’re never left guessing whether they need to be done or put away. This magnet comes in black and silver finishes to match your appliance design.


This Flexible Lighter That Is Ideal For Grills, Candles & Camping

Toss out the matches in favor of this multifunctional flameless candle lighter. It uses a plasma arc instead of flames or butane, lighting up everything from grills to candles and even pilot lights. A bendable neck makes it simple to light up in tight spaces, too. Ideal for outdoor use, this lighter resists wind and rain.


A Mini Mug Warmer That You Can Keep On Your Desk

Keep your tea warm — even if you forget it for a minute — with this compact mug-warming pad. Ultra-quick warming heats a mug of coffee or soup in just about two minutes, while the extra-long cord supports versatile placement on a desk or end table. This mug warmer has an LED light to let you know when it’s on, too.


This Pillow Cup Holder That’s Made For Nights Spent In

Invite a friend over for streaming shows and snacks with this clever cushioned cup holder. Three spots offer room for mugs, glasses, or bottles — or you can switch it up and use this versatile pillow to hold your remote and snacks. The soft, plump design looks great on your sofa and helps keep your cocoa warm or your soda chilled.