An interior designer shares 11 of the best home-decor items to get at Costco right now

costco feb
Costco is offering a number of chic home-decor items this month. Costco

Besides having great deals on bulk items, Costco also has an extensive home-decor selection.

To help you find the best pieces, Insider asked Sarah Nelson, senior interior designer at Spacejoy, to share which items she’d buy from the wholesale store this month.

Read on to see her top picks.

Costco’s brass-style lamps are modern and edgy, but also reasonably priced.

lamp 1
Lighting elements can change the whole design of a room. Costco

Lighting features always find a way to be sneaky high-cost items in designs, according to Nelson.

“I think most people forget how much lighting is needed in a room to make it feel cozy,” she told Insider. “I love looking at Costco for lighting because it offers a great assortment of sets.”

One of her favorites is the two-piece set of Oliver metal table lamps.

These simple column-style lamps are modern and edgy without being too much, according to the designer, and brass-style lamps like this would easily cost double the price at any other retailer.

Add visual movement to your home with this tall chest of drawers.

chest 1
The chest adds vertical interest to a room. Costco

Costco also has a great selection of dressers for a variety of design styles. One of Nelson’s favorites is the Rivana high chest — which is well-suited for mid-century modern or rustic homes.

“It has a live-edge appearance, and the wavy lines are great for adding visual movement in your room,” she told Insider.

The wood color is also a great warm shade to add a cozy feeling to your space.

This nightstand from Costco is beautiful and also offers substantial storage.

night stand 1
The nightstand pairs nicely with the tall dresser. Costco

“I don’t always subscribe to being matchy-matchy with nightstands and dressers, but the Rivana nightstand is too perfect to pass up,” the designer told Insider.

She added, “It would pair beautifully with the Rivana dresser, but also any other dresser that uses natural wood or warmer wood tones, like acorn finishes.”

Normally nightstands at this price point lack quality storage, Nelson explained, but the Rivana nightstand is a larger piece that offers two substantial drawers.

Costco’s cement planters add the perfect modern touch to any room.

Cement adds a natural element to a room. Costco

Plants can make any room feel more inviting, but finding stylish and affordable planters can be a challenge.

Costco comes to the rescue with its Vita Växa planters, according to Nelson, who said they add the perfect modern or mid-century modern touch to any room.

“The cement planter adds a great natural texture to the room and the black stand provides a neutral color to add into your color palette,” she told Insider.

The sizing is also perfect for larger plants like fiddle-leaf figs and snake plants.

Elevate your home by incorporating a glam element, like these ivory faux-fur pillows.

pillow 1
These pillows would work nicely on a dark sofa. Costco

“I love a good glam moment in a room,” Nelson told Insider. “Whether that is adding glam elements with brass accents or lots of textures, every room is heightened with these sorts of touches.”

One way to add this element is with Costco’s ivory faux-fur pillow.

It’s super soft, and it’s perfect to contrast against darker colored sofas or smoother tan leather, the designer suggested.

Costco’s Moroccan-style rug is one of the most versatile and durable at the store.

rug 1
This durable rug is a great option for people with young children. Costco

“I am a big fan of Moroccan-style rugs,” Nelson told Insider. “I personally love a rug that is a bit shaggier, since they are so cozy to both walk and sit on.”

This patterned rug from Costco is perfect for people with children since it is made of olefin, a stain-resistant material, Nelson said.

Besides its durability, Moroccan-style rugs can fit within a number of designs, from glam to rustic and transitional to modern.

Trick your guests into believing your lighting is more expensive than it is with this textured ceramic lamp.

lamp 2
The lamp looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. Costco

If you’re interested in lighting for buffets or console tables, large-scale lamps are the way to go, according to Nelson.

The Bradley textured ceramic lamp from Costco is both classic and modern. And at 30 inches high, two of these would look amazing on a longer console table.

Additionally, the subtle ceramic texture and brass detailing make this lamp look much more expensive than it actually is, Nelson explained.

“It’s not abnormal to see lamps like this in the $500 range, but this is one-third of that price,” she told Insider. “It’s such a steal.”

This glam table lamp can totally set the mood of the room.

lamp 3
The frosted glass gives the light a diffused glow. Costco

On the same topic of lighting, Costco has an amazing selection of lamps for industrial, rustic, and even glam decor styles, like this Glen Park Studio eclipse glass globe table lamp.

“I personally really love a boutique/glam design style and this lamp really adds that interesting element to a room,” Nelson said.

Plus, since the glass is frosted, it will emit a more diffused light.

Incorporate a gallery wall into your space with Costco’s frame set.

You can pair all the frames together on a wall or space them out. Costco

One of Nelson’s favorite design elements to add to client spaces is a gallery wall, which is the perfect space to mix in family photos, artwork, and travel memorabilia.

But frames can quickly add up, which is why the designer recommends looking for sets, like Costco’s Mikasa four-piece white frames.

“Depending on the size of your space, using one or two of these sets to display meaningful items can create a powerful design statement in your room,” she told Insider. “I love the variety of the frame sizes in this kit, and the white frames are easy to mix with other woods and metals in the room.”

Costco’s large-scale artwork is both stunning and bargain-priced.

Artwork of this size doesn’t often go for this price. Costco

“I really love the Balance and Harmony art piece,” Nelson told Insider. “It’s over 30 inches by 40 inches in size and under $250.”

The neutral, modern abstract piece would work great in a front entry, over a large fireplace, or above a sofa, she recommended. And the gold detailing in this piece makes it feel more special.

The artwork has an elegant touch that you can bounce around the room with other gold accents, she added.

Transform your space by adding a neutral rug.

rug 2
This rug is soft and neutral. Costco

A rug can make or break a room, Nelson said. So it’s important to find something that’s neutral, durable, and soft.

The vapor Calvin Klein rug available at Costco checks all of those boxes.

“It’s a low-pile-height rug and has a very soft feeling thanks to the viscose,” the designer told Insider. “The pattern is super neutral and would work great in modern, mid-century modern, and transitional rooms.”

It also comes in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your room.

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