Bee and Bed Bug Control in Australia- A Detailed Insight


Bees buzzing around in your garden? It is the making of one of the most pleasant natural scenes and something of immense beauty.

But what if they decide to linger over your house and then try building a nest? Many individuals have been attempting to eliminate beehives and nests, but an acclaimed bee treatment specialist Brisbane suggests that it is dangerous and primarily ineffective to get rid of them without proper tools and techniques.

The majority of the native bee species will inflict a powerful sting when an individual comes in contact with them. The sting itself is very dangerous and can cause mild localized swelling to severe allergic reactions.

The Threats Posed by Bees:

Getting stung by an enraged bee can be a dreadful experience. You would never want to be in that scenario! In many cases, people can encounter life-threatening situations due to the sting of a bee. Hence it is essential to adopt ways to lower the risk of getting stung by a bee.

  • Bee control Brisbane experts suggest people wear shoes when they are outdoor or participating in different activities, especially when there’s an active nest or colony of bees nearby.
  • Protective gear also provides security when working outdoors. A protective shield is necessary when you are planting vegetation or levelling the grass in your garden. Bees could be present there, and your gardening activities might disturb them, causing you to be a victim of their wrath!
  • It is crucial to ensure that all the garbage and leaf litter are covered and protected from insects to not provide a home to bees and wasps.

Checking for Bees- The Best Ways to Prevent an Infestation:

You will never find a bee nest in plain sight. Bees always prefer building their nest in hidden nooks and crevices where bees cannot be seen easily. A bee inspection plays a vital role in ensuring no visible signs of bee activities near your home and office. You may consider several shreds of evidence that can provide a bee and wasp activity near your surroundings.

  • Visible nest or wax comb around your house or office
  • Considerable gaps in mortar and plasterwork of your house
  • Swarms of bees near your surroundings.

If you are aware of a bee problem in your locality, hiring a professional pest control service like Ecoguard Pest Control is essential. It will help provide safe and effective services to eliminate bees and wasps around your house and office buildings.

Now that you have taken reasonable care of the bee problem in your locality let’s face the fear of bed bugs and make short work of them!

Bed Bugs- Pest Control:

Bedbugs, as the name suggests, are tiny wingless insects that are usually found underneath the bed. Although unable to fly, they are fast movers that can quickly escape once exposed to natural or artificial light. In recent times, bedbug infestations have drastically increased. Hence if you are exposed to bed bugs invasions, bed bug Inspections Brisbane can help you eliminate bed bugs within a short period. Reasons for the increase in bed bugs are insecticide resistance, mutated bed bugs, and the spread of bugs in shoes, luggage, and clothing items.

Detection of Bed Bugs:

During the early invasion, bed bugs can be found around the mattress, sleeping bags, bedsheets, and corners of the furniture. Later, when the infestation progresses, the bed bugs start crawling towards tiny crevices, bed heads, and near the bedroom furniture. Besides, bed bugs travel within bedrooms and kitchens, but they can also spread into a new residence by moving between multi-unit housing apartments. In any of the cases, the latest surroundings can quickly become infested with bed bugs in Australia.

Bed Bug Control:

Bed bugs cause a severe problem, and complete removal is unlikely not achieved in a single treatment. Bed bug Inspections specialist near me states that sprays and other medicines may kill the bed bugs, but these sprays are ineffective on eggs. Hence a follow-up inspection is necessary to get rid of them completely. 

Non-Chemical Treatment:

  • Maintaining proper hygiene is the foremost step in controlling bed bug infestation in Australia. Good vacuuming behind beds and below the carpets is necessary.
  • Physical removal of bed bugs is also practiced. An adhesive tape can be used to control the pest when insects are small in numbers.
  • Heat is yet another source of non-chemical treatment that can kill bed bugs in sheets. A temperature exposure of 60°C or higher will immediately destroy the bed bugs present in different corners of the bed.
  • Chemical treatment is also an effective way of controlling bed bugs in Australia. According to a bed bug Inspection specialist near me, a licensed pest controller can use pesticides approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).


Before treating bed bugs through chemical means, it is essential to consult the pesticide labels. Some of the chemicals cannot be applied to mattresses and floors. Further, a follow-up visit should be conducted to check if the eggs are hatched. Pesticides can be reapplied to control the bed bug infestation.