“Believing in Each Other” Helped Syd and Shea McGee Overcome Their Past Financial Struggles

Photo credit: Studio McGee / Instagram
Photo credit: Studio McGee / Instagram

From House Beautiful

Dream Home Makeover‘s Syd and Shea McGee have never been ones to shy away from discussing the humbling journey they endured to get to where they are today. But recently, the creative duo divulged even more details about their journey to design stardom in a cover story for People magazine.

In addition to being the hosts of Netflix’s Dream Home Makeover, the couple also founded their own interior design firm, Studio McGee. Opened in 2014. Studio McGee was launched at a time when the couple struggled to be optimistic given their financial predicament.

“We were really, really struggling financially,” Shea McGee revealed to the publication. “I don’t think that Syd and I ever looked at it like we weren’t going to make it, but we were not happy. There were a lot of tears.”

Syd McGee later shared that their early years in Utah were some of the most tumultuous. He recalled a seemingly never-ending cycle of non-stop work.

“For that four-year period, when we first moved to Utah, all we did was work,” he said. “When we came home from the little downtown office that we had, that was in a really run-down part of downtown Salt Lake, we would play with our oldest, Wren [now 7], for a little bit, put her to bed, and then we’d go back to work again until like 11:30, midnight, and do that every day.”

Through it all, Syd shared that they simply “took turns believing in each other.”

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