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How to Truly Get Rid of Annoying Flies Inside and Outside of Your House

From Prevention

Spotting a random fly in your home is pretty normal. But when you suddenly start seeing the buzzing pests everywhere, it’s time to take action.

Technically, flies can breed inside your home, but the odds are pretty high that they’re coming in from the outside, says entomologist Roberto M. Pereira, Ph.D., an insect research scientist with the University of Florida. Most commonly, flies will make their way in through torn window screens and open doors, and they love to linger around mulch piles (which they breed in) or garbage cans stored near points of entry.

Animal poop can also be an issue, says entomologist Nancy Troyano, Ph.D., Director of Operations Education and Training for Ehrlich Pest Control. “Flies outside breed on decaying organic waste, such as feces or rotting meat,” she says. “If there is a place for these insects to breed, they will continue

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Why Fashion Designers Want TikTok Users to Steal Their Designs

Surely there is a German word that exists to describe the singular anguish of spotting a piece of clothing one knows immediately they will never be able to afford. Sehnstylesucht, maybe. Liv Huffman was left with such a feeling after seeing Harry Styles perform on a February episode of The Today Show wearing a colorful JW Anderson cardigan. But her love for the piece, along with designer Jonathan Anderson’s work, was irreconcilable with its $1,600 price tag. So she came to a novel conclusion: making the piece on her own. She posted a video of her crocheting journey to TikTok, where the video helped kick-start a trend and has been liked over 975,000 times.

On TikTok, though, nothing is simply viewed and noted. By nature, the platform calls for copycats. Trends happen when users replicate dances created by other users, creators use the same lines of dialogue ripped from movies,

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I’ve been using Apple’s big new iPhone update for a day. These are the 5 biggest changes I noticed right away.

WWDC 2020
WWDC 2020


  • Apple’s iOS 14 update is full of new iPhone features that touch almost every aspect of the operating system, from Apple’s apps to the home screen, privacy, and much more.

  • After using the software for a full day, I’ve come across a few new features that have been immediately helpful and noticeable.

  • Among the biggest are the updates Apple has made to the home screen, which make it easier to see information at a glance and parse through my giant library of apps. 

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Apple’s next major iPhone update won’t officially launch until the fall, but the company made an early version of its iOS 14 software available for free through its beta program on Thursday.

When it launches, iOS 14 will bring a bunch of changes to the iPhone, from the way the home screen looks to upgraded privacy

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T-shirt company finds not even coronavirus can kill optimism

Life is good.

It’s more than a slogan. For more than 25 years, it’s been an ethos for the company that makes $100 million a year printing those three words on T-shirts, ball caps, coffee mugs and other merch.

But then 2020 arrived, and with it the coronavirus pandemic. When Bert and John Jacobs, the brothers who founded the company in 1994, met in March with the top leadership staff of Life Is Good, they spoke of things that seemed a rejection of the optimism they normally peddled. Layoffs. Bankruptcy. Even an end to the business.

It wasn’t as if Jake – the smiley-faced stick figure who adorns many of the company’s T-shirts – hadn’t had a reason to frown before. After 9/11, people told the Jacobs brothers life wasn’t good any longer. They responded with a shirt bearing a stylized American flag above their brand. Customers bought it up,

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