HardieZone System: Hardie HZ5 vs HZ10 Differences

HardieZone System: Hardie HZ5 vs HZ10 Differences

The HardieZone system is based on eight climate variables. These variables are rain, hurricanes, UV exposure, hail, snow, temperature ranges, humidity, and topographical factors. While evaluating the different variables, the company was able to distinguish ten different climate zones. 

Unfortunately, they could not create ten different products for each zone. Instead, they found several common variables between the ten zones which allowed them to divide the zones into two different categories and therefore created two different products. Zones 1-5 fall under the HZ5 product line of siding and zones 6-10 fall under the HZ10 product line of siding.

Our team at Mr. Happy House loves the HardieZone System. While there are many amazing siding products out there, the HZ5 and HZ10 product lines are among our top favorites for a variety of reasons. James Hardie is the only siding and trim company that has specifically designed two different sidings for different climates. Every other company maintains the “one size fits all approach.” 

This alone is one of the biggest perks of these two different product lines. While, we are located in the Houston area, we may don’t use HZ5 siding or trim. Each line is designed for a specific climate, which provides the best and longest-lasting exterior siding of your home, where ever you are located in the US. 

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