How to make your living room look boho?

Pat J. Fraley
How to make your living room look boho?

Your home is your intimate space where you can be comfortable. This is where you spend most of your time and where you do many of your activities. Thus, it is very important to make it a space worthy of the name, and which is clean and organized. To do this, opt for a decoration that meets your needs, but also adds a magnificent touch to your life. This is why boho style is an excellent choice for bringing your interior to life.

What is boho-style interior design?  

Stemming from the word “bohemian”, boho style  refers to decoration freed from all limits. It is a true combination of colors and shapes for greater freedom of expression. It is an unusual and relaxed style that links modernity and classicism. The boho-style interior design also plays on the use of diverse textures and colorful patterns to create a warm and friendly space. In the world of interior design, we will find bohemian style the opposite of minimalism. The latter is based on the presence of neutral colors and a minimum of furniture, only the necessary is tolerated. The opposite of boho style for which “having more is always better”.

How to design your living room?

Well, it is very simple. Just choose what you like to introduce to your space. There are a wide variety of decorations and furniture choices that you can use. In this article, we suggest you these three ideas:

  • Add boho pillow cover

This is one of the smart decisions you can take to add a boho touch to your home. The boho pillow cover can easily change the look of your living room. With cheerful colors, they can easily blend into your interior. Placed on your sofa or on your bed, they will only add more charm, elegance and ease to your home. In addition, these pillow covers ensure incredible comfort in your home. Once added to your bedrooms, the boho pillow cover will easily become your ally for all your rest and entertainment activities.

  • Add laundry hamper basket

Because change does not just affect the living room, your bathroom needs it too. This laundry hamper basket is then perfect for collecting your dirty clothes. Placed in a corner of your bathroom, it can only add the beautiful boho touch to your space. Perfect in size and colors, it is very practical and easily transportable. In addition, that is not all! You can also use it for other reasons: to store things, your baby’s clothes, blankets in the bedroom…

  • Add macrame rope wall hanging 
C:\Users\Personal\Downloads\macrame rope wall hanging.jpg

If you do not like paintings or sculptures as decorations, this option is for you! The macrame wall hanging is the best decoration you can choose for your interior. It is the quintessential boho style touch that is capable of bringing life and cheerfulness to your space. Whether it is your living room, bedroom or even your office, these macrame wall hanging will make all the difference. Handcrafted from natural materials, this is the perfect choice for an airy and welcoming space.

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