Interesting facts about interior design

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Even if we don’t seek a career as interior designers, we all face it at least once in a lifetime. A diversity of methods, colors, decorations in interior design can generate the space of our dreams. Interior design is a fascinating field and profession. It is an art and science in one. So, there are a few exciting and entertaining facts about interior design. Firstly, interior design is an ancient activity. The interior design began in Egyptian civilization. Egyptians adorned their rooms with animal skins, vases, sculptures. However, the profession of an interior designer only originated in the 20th century. A frightening fact from history- in the Victorian era, some details were painted by the dyes with poisonous metals – arsenic and lead. A second fascinating fact is related to windows in your home. The studies in hospitals show that having a high number or broad windows can reduce pain.

Thirdly, the businessmen use blue, yellow, and green colors in their offices to enhance productivity. Of course, blue is the most popular color in offices. But the most popular color used in whole interior design projects for the past decade is white. It helps to reduce stress and fits in any interior space. Fourthly, each country has different interior design trends, colors, and models. For instance, Australia is the most popular with minimalist living spaces. Meanwhile, England is the most inspiring with traditional interior design. So, if you want to know more interesting and fun facts about interior design, go to interior design services