Interior Design Trends You’l See Everywhere in 2022

Interior Design Trends You'l See Everywhere in 2022

January is an exciting time to look ahead to all the possibilities for interior design trends and home renovation projects this year. From open-concept design on its way out to a rising neutral, soft shapes and antique everything, these are the 2022 interior design trends we’re most looking forward to. It’s fun to see how things have changed since 2021!

Natural Stone Choices Are Getting More Adventurous

From pink marble vanities in powder baths to vein-centric choices for kitchen counters and backsplashes, natural stone is showing up in more vibrant colors and patterns throughout the home this year. The more glam, the better! We’ve been incorporating this trend in fireplaces, kitchens and powder rooms and looking forward to more to come in 2022. One thing to note: Marble does require more upkeep than other natural stones like granite, so keep that in mind before deciding to incorporate it in a high-traffic area such as a kitchen.

calacatta monet marble fireplace
Calacatta monet marble fireplace, progress shot from our client’s home.
Arabescato Corchia
Arabescato Corchia in our design studio kitchen. A heavily brecciated polished Italian marble with ivory clasts floating in a grey background.

Dedicated Rooms Are Overtaking Open Concept

The pandemic ushered in a wave of big changes to how we live and work in our homes. Perhaps the greatest shift from this time is the move away from open concept living back to more focused spaces dedicated to specific activities. It used to be with renovations, especially in older homes, that clients were interested in opening up the walls to create large spaces. Now, the trend has swung back the other way. Hallways and separation are in vogue, creating even more opportunities for design details that go into creating a cozy, functional, livable home that reflects our daily lives.

Dedicated rooms are overtaking open concept designs, as seen in this client’s home.
A butler’s pantry was a welcome addition to this client’s home.

See the rest of the home pictured above here.

Kitchen Renovations Are High Priority

Updating your kitchen to be a bright, beautiful space where you actually want to hang out and cook continues to be a top renovation request among our clients. Not only do kitchen renovations help to make your space more functional for your family, they are also among the top renovations you can do to add value to your home. Even a minor kitchen remodel (average cost around $26,000) enabled homeowners to recoup about 72 percent of the cost in resale value, according to a 2021 report by Remodeling magazine.

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One of our favorite kitchen renovations of 2021.

Neutral Brown Tones Are Back in Style

Whites and grays will always be classic, but darker neutrals are coming to the forefront once again. We’re seeing shades of brown appear in tile, furnishings, fabrics, rugs and even walls. Along with other interior designers, we’re seeing the rise of earthy browns, along with chocolate browns and caramel browns, being incorporated into designs to evoke a sense of elegance and timelessness.

Brown is back, as evidenced by this chic bathroom tile. Source:

Organic Shapes Are Showing Up in Architecture and Furniture

After the past few years, everyone is looking to add a little more warmth and comfort to their homes. One way to do this is through curvy, soft shapes. We’re seeing this in the form of architectural details, such as rounded doorways, as well as rounded furniture such as circular dining tables, rounded kitchen islands, funky side tables and crescent sofas.

Does this curvy couch make you want to cozy up and take a name? We’re all about these trending organic shapes. Design by Heidi Caillier

Vintage Pieces Are Taking Over by Necessity, and We’re Loving It

Widespread supply-chain issues have forced homeowners and interior designers to rethink how we source pieces, and that’s been a shift we’re embracing. Antiquities and formalities are back in a big way. Pieces like heirloom tables are standing in for kitchen islands, cabinets of delicate antiques are reappearing in dining rooms and dramatic vintage chandeliers are adding drama in unexpected places.

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interior design trends
We incorporated vintage pieces add drama to this client’s dining room.

Creative Custom Tile Variations Are Oh-So-Chic

Classic white subway tile may never go out of style, but we’re rethinking tile colors and patterns in a big way for 2022. We’re noticing greater variation in tile, such as using different colors to create custom checkerboard patterns in areas like shower floors. Even working with only two colors, such as black and white, can open up many options for creative patterns that make a big statement.

Here we used white and blue square tiles, turned on the diagonal to create a fun and happy checkerboard.

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What interior design trends are you loving in 2022? If you’re thinking of doing a home renovation this year and need assistance figuring out your interior design style, get in touch with us to tell us about your project. We’re here to help!

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