storage drawers and ideas to keep your cosmetics and brushes tidy

Big beauty fans know it doesn’t take much for your dressing table to look as though it’s been hit by a small but determined tornado.

No matter how hard you vow to keep things tidy, it never quite pans out that way – especially when you’re in a hurry first thing in the morning. However, the coronavirus pandemic means we’re spending more time at home – and running fresh out of excuses to get your beauty kit sorted and looking as neat as a pin.

Whether you have a modest collection or a mammoth makeup haul, organisation and proper storage can bring order to your personal beauty counter.

Sorting your makeup and skincare will not only bring a sense of zen to your dressing table, but it also gives you a chance to prune your collection of old products (use-by dates are real, friends) and makes it far easier to see what you have at a glance – no more wondering where you put that NARS Orgasm.

There’s a world of makeup organisers out there, which will delight beauty buffs with a thing for well-ordered arrangements: think transparent acrylic, boxes with drawers, others with lids, makeup bags, wire trays, tiers and even desktop drawers.

Rather than have you swimming in options, we’ve narrowed down the search to a pool of the finest designs out there to get your skincare, beauty accessories and makeup in order.

See our favourites below

360 Degree Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Display Stand

Admire your beauty at every angle with this rotating cosmetic stand, perfect for anyone with a small space issues for their big collections. It’s one of Amazon’s best rated products in its category, and it’s clear to see why. With adjustable levels and 360 rotation, there are few makeup, skincare and fragrance products it can’t welcome onto its transparent shelves.

The most convincing review?: “This is amazing. Takes up less space on the chest of drawers yet stores four times what we were using before. Adjustable shelves means you can store tall perfume and foundation bottles (like Fenty)…. It was very easy to put together, took 5 minutes tops. We loved it so much that I’ve ordered a second one.” Consider us sold.

£19.99 | Amazon

CFone Rotating Makeup Organiser​ from Amazon

Seven layers of adjustable tray height mean you can organise according to the size of your products and can change the tray levels anytime you like—so you will never be without a spot for something regardless of what you end up buying.

Storing up to 30 brushes, 20 products and even more makeup, this beauty hero feautures a wipe clean surface and is very easy to assemble. The matt black tone looks far more classly than shiny white plastic, and the thin frame loans a more contemporary look compared to chunky options.

£17.99 | Amazon

Blush Pink Three Tier Storage Trolley​

For the biggest makeup hoarders among us an organiser that sits on your dressing table may not do, but this three-tier trolley will be able to house your entire collection in one fell swoop. You could even split it up into makeup, haircare and skincare—each taking their own level. The metal frame is durable and if pink is not your colour you can pick between mint, rose gold, blue…the list goes on. 43 x 35 x 87cm​.

£25 | Hobbycraft

5 Tier Acrylic Cosmetic Organiser

House your lipsticks, compacts and tubs in this five-tier organiser that comes with a selection of divides to accommodate all your beauty bits. Crystallised handles make it easy to pull out the four drawers while the gold frame brings chic structure to the clear acrylic design.

£42.99 | Beautify

UO Pressed Flower Long Storage Box

Storage doesn’t have to be purely functional – it can look pretty too. This glass caddy with a slim gold-coloured handle would look great on its own, but decorated with the pressed flower motif, it really stands out from the crowd.

Measures: 25.6 x 8.1 x 9.2cm, wipe with a damp cloth to keep clean.

£22 | Urban Outfitters

Black Metal Wall Shelf Unit with 5 Removable Baskets

A wise investment for serious beauty addicts, this shelf unit is perfect for holding all sorts of products, from shampoo and conditioner to face masks, moisturiser, cleanser and toner. Instal it in your bathroom to have all your essentials to hand, or make space for it in the bedroom as a stylish extension of your dressing table.

Measures: 125 x 54.5 x 18cm.

£132 | Maisons du Monde

£12 | John Lewis

Shop all storage at John Lewis

UO Wire Cage Shelf

Whether you hang these from the wall or place on your dressing table to create an easy compartment, this wire cage design is an industrial-chic way to display your beauty collection.

£15 | Urban Outfitters

Macallen Cosmetic Make Up Clear Acrylic Organiser 20 Sections with Drawers

Storage that stacks makes the best use of space and this mega-organiser certainly measures up. There are drawers and compartments of various sizes, offering a safe spot for mascara and lipstick tubes as well as primers, eyeshadow, foundation and blushers. The clear plastic makes it simple to see all your prods as well as when compartments need a wipe down.

£15.99 | Amazon

Oliver Bonas Mirror Base Gold Metal Makeup Brush & Lipstick Holder

You can keep your lip colours in perfect order with this cool brush and lipstick display which uses hoops on a mirrored base to keep your essentials in place.

£28 | Oliver Bonas

Embla 3 Tier Metal Freestanding Storage Caddy, Black

A free-standing caddy with three deep baskets, this is the perfect storage solution for anyone with a serious beauty horde to house. It’s designed for the bathroom, but we think it would work just as well set beside, or even on, a dressing table or chest of drawers. Add a trailing houseplant to soften the industrial look.

£39 | MADE

InterDesign Expandable Drawer Organiser

If your goal is to clear clutter from your surfaces completely, an in-drawer makeup organiser could be the answer to your problems.

Made from strong plastic, it’s best feature is that it expands from 28cm to 47cm to fit the desired space perfectly.

£15.95 | The Holding Company

‘May Your Future Be As Bright…’ Makeup Brush Holder

A stylish space for an artist’s tools, this simple holder is a great place to store makeup brushes, from teeny eyeliner brushes to big, puffy powder ones. And that slogan? That’s just the sort of positive affirmation one needs to start of the day.

£15 | NOTHS

WANDOM Desktop Cosmetics Storage Box

Propped up on little legs, this three-shelf storage rack is ideal for showcasing your fragrance wardrobe. It could be useful for watches too if you have a sizeable timepiece collection, or just for your nail varnish collection.

£50 | Amazon


The only thing we love more than storage is smart storage. With clear and adjustable shelves, you’ll never lose your favourite products in forgotten corners again thanks to Amazon’s Rotating Adjustable Cosmetic Display Stand. With a great price too, it’s all win.

If you have a lot of kit and want to combine all your skincare, makeup and bath products in one tidy space the three tier trolley is your best bet.

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£11.99 | Amazon

£20 | Argos

There’s a smaller matching box too.