Everything you need to start knitting

This Saturday (13 June) marks the Worldwide Knit In Public Day, which was created by avid knitter Danielle Landes in 2005, and is run by volunteers to encourage people who knit to come together and join the community.

Previous years have seen organisers encourage shops, cafes, business owners and individuals to host their own knitting groups in local communities. Since the UK is still under lockdown, the event will be little different this year, but there are plenty of ways to engage with the knitting community virtually and online tutorials to get you started.

Until recently, knitting was a hobby we often associated with our grandparents, but thanks to Instagram, Pinterest and a global pandemic, arts and crafts have become much more appealing.

A quick search for knitting on Etsy brings up over 500,000 results, with chunky knit blankets being the most popular item in an array of handmade

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Want to learn how to start your own hustle? Start with 16 hours of expert-led content.

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