This Designer’s Office Reno Is Full of Smart Storage Ideas

Photo credit: Courtesy Jeffrey Alan Marks
Photo credit: Courtesy Jeffrey Alan Marks

From House Beautiful

If there’s anything that’s become clear in this era of increased working from home, it’s that organization is key. Of course, no one better understands the meeting of form and function than a designer tasked with outfitting their own studio. Such was the case for California-based Jeffrey Alan Marks, who recently completed a reno on the office space where he works with a small team on interior design projects, product lines (like lighting for Progress and window treatments for The Shade Store), and fabric (for Kravet). Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office or heading back to the not-home office and eager to spruce it up a bit, Marks’s space is full of savvy tips.

“It was important to show the clients what I do here,” says Marks of the space. What he does, exactly—or what he’s best known

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storage drawers and ideas to keep your cosmetics and brushes tidy

Big beauty fans know it doesn’t take much for your dressing table to look as though it’s been hit by a small but determined tornado.

No matter how hard you vow to keep things tidy, it never quite pans out that way – especially when you’re in a hurry first thing in the morning. However, the coronavirus pandemic means we’re spending more time at home – and running fresh out of excuses to get your beauty kit sorted and looking as neat as a pin.

Whether you have a modest collection or a mammoth makeup haul, organisation and proper storage can bring order to your personal beauty counter.

Sorting your makeup and skincare will not only bring a sense of zen to your dressing table, but it also gives you a chance to prune your collection of old products (use-by dates are real, friends) and makes it far easier

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