TECH BYTE: Apps to Help You Design Your Dream Home

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — We’re spending a lot more time at home because of the pandemic.

Especially those of us who aren’t back at the office yet.

So wouldn’t it be nice to give your house a fresh look, to give yourself a little bit of a change of scenery?

Apps can help you redecorate.

Redecorating all starts with some fresh ideas. Where to start? Pinterest! If you don’t have an account, you’ll want to make one.

You can access it online on a computer, or on the go if you download the app onto your smartphone.

Pinterest gives you countless ideas if you’re looking for a change – whether you’re looking to update a mansion, an apartment, or a small dorm room.

The possibilities are endless.

If you like a certain look or design, you can easily save the pin to your profile.

Keep it organized with different categories. That way your inspirational ideas are easy to find.

Another one that’s good to have is the Houzz – Home Design & Remodel app.

It’s even topped the New York Times list of “best apps for home improvement.”

Creators say Houzz is for those building, remodeling, or decorating their home.

In it, you can look through more than 20 million pictures of home interiors and exteriors.

You can narrow it down by style, location or type of room (like your bathroom or kitchen.)

If you’re getting professional help with any redesign, use these same photos to show your interior designer what you’re looking for.

You can also sketch any notes on the pictures if needed.

Houzz is also great for shopping for any home products you might need to make your vision happen, along with reading articles by design experts to get some helpful tips without having to hire some help.

The Room Planner – Home Design 3D app literally lets you be hands on designing what you want in your home makeover.

Start with an existing project, or an empty room, and transform it with 3D images of different furniture, decorations – you name it – to make the room come to life. How cool is that?

It makes it easy to see how your vision can realistically work, and you can look at a room from different viewpoints. You can’t always get that looking at just a normal picture.

And yes, you can change anything in the picture – from the colors on the walls, to the furniture layout. This makes redecorating less work, and more fun.

Move over Property Brothers, you’ve got some competition.

Speaking of HGTV, if you do have DISH or cable, you can access the channel anytime with the HGTV Go app.

There’s even one if you subscribe to the HGTV magazine, as well.