These 4 housewarming gift ideas will delight any new homeowner

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Moving to a new home or apartment is a big event, and it deserves to be celebrated, which is why so many new homeowners invite friends and family over to see their new place and share a toast—or two—to celebrate the big event. If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, and you’re looking for great housewarming gift ideas that go beyond a tired fruit basket or box of muffins, read on.

Our top three housewarming gift ideas


While flowers are always a great gift and a dozen beautiful roses are certain to be well received, gifting a new homeowner or apartment dweller with a potted flowering plant will ensure they can enjoy beautiful blooms for weeks, months or even years to come. There are so many different varieties of potted flowers available—some that will bloom happily indoors for an entire season or more, and others that can be planted outside to provide years of beautiful color and fragrance in the yard. 

One of our favorites is the flowering hydrangea. Available in an array of colors from snowy white to pastel pinks and vibrant purples, hydrangeas have tight pom-poms of fragrant blossoms that bloom throughout the summer and come back year after year, whether enjoyed indoors or planted in the yard.

Wine time

Wine is synonymous with celebrating, so it makes perfect sense that a wine gift set would be a great congratulatory gift for a housewarming party. The great think about gift baskets is that, even if you don’t know exactly what your friend’s taste in wine is, there’s bound to be something in there they can enjoy!

Entertaining essentials

Now that your friends have a new place to call home, they’ll probably want to do a bit more entertaining. Help them do it in style with a few essentials every host or hostess needs. We love cheese boards or charcuterie board sets, especially those with hand-crafted details or functional features that give them something outside of the ordinary, with spots for nesting knives and pre-cut designs for holding crackers, nuts, and more.  

Gift cards

Your friend is going to need to buy new things. Whether it’s tools, gardening equipment, furniture, housewares, or accessories, there’s no end to the number of things a new homeowner will need or want, but don’t yet have. Giving a gift card allows them to choose exactly the items they need, in the style, sizes, and colors they want.  Gift cards are available for virtually every retailer, from big box home stores to home decor sites. If you know where your friend loves to shop, fund their next excursion – and be sure to include a note with the gift card instructing them to treat themselves. Moving is stressful, and your friend deserves the treat.

Shopping for the perfect housewarming gift can be hard, but our top four gift ideas will ensure that your gift will be useful, well-loved, and a reminder of you for years to come. Whether you opt for an indulgent wine basket, a beautiful flower, or a gift card to their favorite store, your friend will feel loved and thought of and will be one step closer to enjoying their new home in style.

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