Often, we spend a lot of our tine outside our pad especially in the backyard or gardens, along with us another very much risk pertaining and dangerous thing which spends a lot of time in our gardens are pest. One such pest which poses good amount of health threat is tick, as they are blood sucking arthropods. Some of the diseases that you can get from tick are; Lyme diseases, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia.

Reason why tick treatment specialist near me is very much necessary is there are different types of ticks can be seen in around Australia, and these different types of ticks pose different diseases and risk factors which is impossible for us to understand.

Types of Ticks:

  • Deer tick (Lxodes scapulars): These are capable of causing you conditions like Lyme disease and babesiosis.
  • Dock tick (Dermacentor variabilis): They put you in the risk of Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.
  • Lone star tick (Ambylommaamericanum): It carries diseases like ehrlichiosis and Southern tick associated rash illness.

How to Avoid Tick Bites?

Tick bites can be very much painful and can cause you many diseases as well, tackling these ticks by own can be dangerous which is why seek help from local tick pest control Brisbane is necessary as they know the accurate ways to eliminate this kind of pest problems. We have listed few precautions which will help you avoid these ticks from the very beginning. 

Locations where ticks are mainly found

People must avoid places where you can find ticks majorly like your garden, now it is nearly impossible to avoid your garden as it is the only hangout place for the family. Therefore, keeping the garden clean and free from test and dirt is much important as pest loves areas which are nasty.

Don’t Let It Come in Contact with Your Skin

Many doctors suggest that people should not come in contact with tick as tick bite can put you through much pain which is why one should always take major precautions before as soon as you are home, check yourself or have a family member help check you for ticks. Use a fine-tooth comb through your hair and check folds of the skin. You should also shower and wash your clothes at a high heat so any ticks on you are killed.

Stay Calm If You Find Tick On Yourself

If in chances you came across tick on yourself or in your family member, don’t panic as you’re immediately reaction to such situation can make the tick bite you which can cause many diseases. Stay calm and quiet, it is important to remove the tick without getting hurt or making the tick angry enough to act.

Tick’s Saliva Can Be Dangerous

Saliva of tick can stop the human blood to clot while the ticks feed on them; this is why tick’s saliva plays an important role in tick’s mode of consumptions. Researchers at the National Institutes of Health are studying the saliva of arthropods to see if there is a way to create a vaccine that will affect the saliva. A current study is looking at a vaccine that works against the saliva of sand flies, so the parasite cannot establish itself at the site of the initial bite. This sort of vaccine will be harder to develop for ticks, as the tick is constantly changing the composition of its saliva.

Early Removal Is the Key

It is important to keep ticks far away from your house as they pose most amount of health problems for the humans which is why booking pre-inspections from tickexterminator near me.The sooner you remove a tick, the better. It takes time for infections to reach a person’s blood stream, especially Lyme disease. A tick needs to remain attached for 36 hours before Lyme disease can be transmitted, so remove any ticks as quickly as you can.

These are the few ways through which you can avoid any kind of mishaps that can take place due to tick attacks, it is important to get hold on these ticks by putting them through pest control so that no health threat can effect on you.

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