When should I call an emergency electrician near me?

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Electricians play a pivotal role when it comes to making our day-to-day activities happen. With the right assessment of the ratings and connecting the points safely, they ensure that each one who is using electrical appliances and electricity remains secured. Therefore, keeping a reliable and reputed electrician in touch always stands important.

However, deciding on the prime time to call an electrician near me on an urgent basis is never predictable. Electrical faults like tripping of the circuit breaker, blowing of the circuit fuse, smell coming out of any electrical appliance or point can never be expected. But one can be aware of the time or moment when these appliances or connections show signs of attention. In most cases, a person should be vigil and make sure that the following points are the red flag, and an electrician needs to be called for on an urgent basis—

  • If the appliance is overheating
  • If there are sparks in the circuit or socket
  • Blackening of the wire
  • Overheating of the system or too much voltage fluctuation in the electrical system
  • Frequent tripping of the circuit breaker

The above points are just a few signs and are not the only ones that signify the calling of an urgent electrician near me. This blog will highlight in detail the reasons behind why you need an electrician at home or office.

1. Old is not Gold in Electrical Connections

Yes, old can be gold but not in the case of electrical connections, because every item has its life and when a wire is being used for more than 20 years (for example), it needs to be changed. Overusing electrical wires and appliances is never recommended.

According to the experts associated with the field, the people who are purchasing old buildings or houses are recommended to include electrical rewiring and reconnections in their list of to-do things apart from renovations. Doing so will help you evade hundreds of sleepless nights. In addition to this, upon shifting to your new heavenly abode, you can use any appliance without worry. Look up the keyword “best electrician near me” to hire the most efficient professional who would take into consideration all the aspects that guarantee a safe and secured electrical connection. If you are in doubt regarding how to upgrade your electrical services and connections, do get in touch with the reputed electricians for the same. They will assist you in the best way possible.

2. Address the Electrical Sparks Immediately

Sparks are not good in any electrical connection. Therefore, if you notice even a small spark, consider this as an alert and high moment to call an electrician. One of the problems with the sparks is that these go unnoticed most of the time. Therefore, one needs to be very vigilant while operating any electrical appliance or connection.

According to the experts, the causes behind the sparks can be—

  • Loose connections
  • Short-circuiting when two wires touch each other

Sparks are not normal and can be in the following types—

  • Long sparks which are very much visible in dark
  • Big sparks, the most dangerous one in the lot, can be seen leaping out of the plug
  • Small to medium length spark that at times keep on continuing until the appliance or circuit blows of

According to the electrician near me, sparks are the clear ultimatum to look out for the professionals. Prior to this, make sure that there is no overloading in the entire electrical system as a preventive measure.

3. Circuit Breaker Sending out a Humming Sound

The circuit breaker is your friend indeed when it comes to protecting your asset, your loved ones, and you from any fire mishap because of an electrical short circuit. Since the installation of it is meant to detect any serious issue and prevent it, therefore, pay heed to any such signs of the alert being sent.

According to a professional electrician near me, in most cases, the circuit breaker makes a humming or buzzing sound indicating that there is a problem in the circuit. Therefore, as soon as such sounds are detected, look out for the professional electrician or reputed electrical company to address the issue in the most efficient and effective way.

In addition to this, if it is required to change the circuit breaker, then do it at the earliest as failing to detect any of the buzzing sounds can be fatal for your property.

4. The smell of Something Burning should Raise Alarms

You should be super alert when it comes to receiving the foul smell. The burning of electrical wires at the initial stage is difficult to assess but a person needs to be very much alert on this. There can be several reasons for the smell. These are—

  • Overloading, leading to the overheating of the wire. This would further lead to the melting of the outer shell. If this is ignored, then it can lead to a short circuit and ultimately fire
  • Minor continuous sparks taking place inside the circuit board

Professionals suggest searching for an electrician near me to send out the message of urgency.

5. Frequent Tripping of Circuit Breaker

The circuit breaker acts as a saviour in case of over current. It automatically breaks the flow of the current in the circuit by tripping off. But frequent tripping of the circuit breaker is the sign of immediate professional visit.

To understand the reason behind this one needs to understand the various laws of electricity. The circuit breaker is a specially designed switch capable of detecting even the minutest of the electrical fault because of the presence of multiple relays. These relays send out a signal when a fault is detected to interrupt the supply.

According to the professional electricians, when it happens frequently, then one should understand that there is a fault at any place in the electrical circuit. The fault needs to be addressed immediately by an industry expert.

6. Water Spillage onto the Circuit

Well, no one will genuinely and intentionally do it, but it might happen because of any pipe leakages that led to spilling water onto the nearest wire or electrical connection. If it does happen, then call the electrician immediately. Such issues need to be addressed immediately.

According to an electrician near me, if any such spillage happens, one must evade using it as long as the issue is not addressed.

7. Continuous Flickering of Lights

Flickering of lights is a signal that you need to call for the professionals without any delay. As soon as you see lights, not in a stable state, you need to realise that the appliance is not getting a smooth supply. This happens only when there is one or more than one fault in the electrical circuit. The fault can be in the electrical wire, connection, switchboard, or board. Irrespective of where and what the fault is, an electrician needs to be called for to address the issue immediately. Experts suggest that such things should not be delayed as it might lead to blowing away electrical appliances.

8. Renovating the Electrical Connections at a go

There can be a possibility when a person buys an old building and hires professional renovators to take on the restoration work. In most cases, people concentrate on only the walls, and internal finishes overlooking the electrical connectivity. Therefore, according to the electrician near me, once a person is investing in renovating the looks of the house, he/she also hires professionals to assess the condition of the existing electrical wiring. Based on the requirements the needful should be done.

Therefore, if you are renovating your house after purchasing an old structure, do consider renovating the electrical wiring for safety. This will add life to it.

9. Exposed Wires at Some Junction or Joint

There can be instances when a junction gets exposed because the adhesiveness of the safety tape reduces with time. Such exposures are never appreciated and are considered fatal. Therefore, the experts recommend that as soon as you notice such exposed or naked wire, call for the professionals instead of going for the Do-It-Yourself tactic. The experts have with them all the possible knowledge and kits that help them deal with such live wire.

10. Power/Rating Up-gradation

Every household is adding new appliances based on the requirements. Therefore, according to the electrician near me, one needs to keep an eye on the rated capacity of the building. That means every house has the maximum rating of the appliances that it can run. If it adds a new one that has a higher rating or wattage, then the capacity needs to be increased accordingly. This can only be done by the professional electrician who would perfectly analyse and assess the requirement and do the needful.

According to the professionals, one must not run appliances of higher wattage that are not recommended. This might lead to stress on the circuit and finally fire. Therefore, whenever appliances like HVAC are installed in the house, one must adhere to the standards permitted.


Neglecting any of the electrical faults is never appreciated. As a service seeker, you need to know what’s the difference between commercial and service electricians.  Knowing this will help in approaching the right professionals. For many people there is a dilemma in- Electrician vs electrical engineer: Which do you need? Experts say that both are completely different professions. On one hand where an electrician is responsible for installation and repair of electrical systems, electrical engineers design equipment and systems that work on electricity. Therefore, one must be very particular in hiring the right experts. Doing so is always going to save money, life, and assure a longer happy and tension-free living.