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Oak flooring is by far the most popular choice of flooring not only because it is elegant and luxurious, but also wood flooring has extensive financial and environmental benefits. First of all, due to exceptional durability and versatility, oak floors cost less in the long-term. Secondly, because of its traditional popularity, oak flooring increases the value of your home.  Thirdly, like other wooden floors, you can easily and cost-efficiently change the entire look of a wood floor from time to time with different stains, paints, and inlays. Fourthly, oak is a stable hardwood, meaning that in areas with humidity and varying moisture levels, the oak floors will expand and contract less than some other hardwoods. Fifth, the busy grain pattern of oak floor work to conceal scratches more easily than some other hardwoods. Due to its grain pattern, oak is a sensible flooring choice for high-traffic areas in homes and especially for homeowners with kids and pets. Sixth, the natural properties of oak make it resistant to insects and fungus, which often pose a threat to other kinds of wood. By choosing to install oak floors you will spend less money on repairs and damage to your floors. Due to all these characteristics mentioned above, oak is not only a long-lasting option that can even last for many generations but also is the most environmentally friendly flooring choice available. All in all, oak flooring is important because it is a cost-efficient and crucial building material that is renewable and sustainable.

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