10 Phenomenal Ways To Change Up Your Home Design For Free

Home design is a fun and exciting way to make your space your own. If you’ve been in your current living situation for a long time, however, you may be tired of how you decorated way back when and want to change it up. While a home design makeover could cost you a pretty penny, what if redecorating your home didn’t have to cost a thing?

We’re here to tell you that it is totally possible. Make your home’s atmosphere feel fresh and new again with these 10 ways to change up your home design for free.

Rearrange the furniture

Our first tip is to move stuff around. Large pieces of furniture, such as the bed and dresser, can be swapped to create a new vibe. This can also be as simple as moving a shelving unit to a new spot in the house, freeing up space in one area, and adding some spice to another.

Mix up the lighting fixtures

Switching your light fixtures around is another great way to redecorate. For example, move the ceiling light in your bedroom to the living room, or swap out the nightlight in the hallway with a lamp.

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Switch around your art placement

Why stop at moving the furniture? Placing your wall art and other decorative pieces in different spots can make a great impact on your overall home design — and can be lots of fun, too! 

Here’s what you can do: Take every single item off the walls or shelves, put them in a pile, and decide where you really want each piece to go. Some may go back where they were, while some may move to another room or a different position on the same wall. Heck, some may even go right in the trash, giving you more blank space to play with.

Replace art in frames with your own printouts

You don’t have to buy wall art nowadays because there are so many photos that you can find on the internet and print out yourself. This means the possibilities are endless! If there’s something framed on the wall that you’re no longer vibing with, swap it out with something you print out. Google images are your best friend here. And if you don’t have a printer or are out of ink, your local library is your second best friend!

Forage for greenery in your own backyard

Believe it or not, backyards can be rife with materials to decorate your home with. If you don’t have a backyard, take a stroll through the park to see what you can find. We’re thinking tree branches to make a wreath or other woodsy wall pieces, bush branches to add some nature to your windowsill, or rocks to place in a jar or arrange on a table. There are lots of other possibilities, of course. You won’t know until you get out there and think creatively about your natural surroundings!

Use unexpected objects to decorate

Ok, now hear us out: Not every household item needs to go in a cabinet or drawer and out of sight. That cupcake pan hiding in the cupboard? Hang it tastefully on the kitchen wall alongside some wooden spoons. The bag of rubber bands in the drawer? Learn how to lace them together for a statement wall piece. The blow-dryer in the bathroom cabinet? Hang that up, too. You get the idea.

Swap out seasonal decor

When a holiday or new season comes around, it’s time to do the ol’ switcheroo. If you have different home decor pieces for specific times of the year, such as Valentine’s Day pillows, beachy wall signs for summer, or Halloween-themed lights, changing them offers a perfect way to reimagine your home design. 

Dig deep into the closet

While you’re pulling out the seasonal decor, rummage through your closet and see what else you can dig up. You might find old decor you forgot you had or pieces you once hated but are now back in style.

Stack things

This may seem far-fetched, but stacking magazines, boxes, books, or other items that accumulate can really work in your home. If you have enough of one item, you can even stack them until they become a shelf. So if you read lots of books, have a magazine subscription, or have big boxes lying around, try it! It’s unconventional, sure, but it’s a fun way to display your things and can be a great conversation starter — after all, who wouldn’t be intrigued by a bookshelf made of books? 

DIY with what you’ve got

If you’re into crafting, don’t hesitate to use those materials for your home design. Or maybe you’re a wine drinker: Rinse out and save those bottles to redecorate your shelves. Whatever you have at your disposal can either be displayed or repurposed in DIY fashion.

Changing up your home design on a nonexistent budget may seem impossible. But we’re letting you in on a little secret: You already have everything you need to redecorate. All the things that are typically considered interior design — wallpaper, throw pillows, decorative curtains — aren’t necessary to bring personality to your space. Instead, think creatively about what you have or what you can find for free. Take regular objects and turn them into wall art. Swap pieces between rooms every so often. Rearrange your furniture to create a different flow in the room. When you think outside the box, you won’t need to spend a lot to make your lived-in house a home again.

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