13 clever home office ideas to bring it to the next level

Home office ideas are still all the rage, since working from home is becoming a more permanent solution for many of us. Even if you work from home for only a day or two per week, you want your home office to be spacious, welcoming and practical, so it doesn’t deter your productivity or creativity.

A nice home office can mean all the difference to your mood each day. It’s not just about having the best office chair or the best desk either. The perfect home office will make the most use of its space and will have a good balance of decor with practicality. You should be able to access everything you need with ease, and you should feel comfortable working in this space for the majority of the day. But, what can you do to improve your space? Here are 13 ideas to make your home office look fantastic. 

Home office ideas to spruce up your workspace

1. Take advantage of shelves and bookcases 

A home office with a large bookcase behind it

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Shelves and bookcases not only vary the height of your furniture, which can help break up a room, but they’re also a lifesaver if you’re tight on space.