Bellavista Collection Celebrates 10th Anniversary of the Brand, Presents New Pieces

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Time flies. It seems that only recently the new brand named Bellavista Collection came into existence, and now it is a decade old. In 2020 Bellavista Collection celebrates its tenth anniversary, with a solid reputation already built and lots of goals achieved. 

The birthplace of the Bellavista brand was the 2010 edition of Salone Internazionale del Mobile – the biggest, the oldest (annually held since 1961), and the most reputable trade event in a bunch of industries – from furniture making to interior design.  

The new brand was officially born when two brothers – Attilio and Fabrizio Zanni – presented a cherry-picked collection of magnificent furniture items under Bellavista Collection name. They were designed by Attilio Zanni and produced at Casa Zeta – the family-owned furniture manufacturing company, founded in 1984, which the new brand sprouted from. The debut was a success.  

The next few years the newly created brand grew and actively gained popularity as a producer of Italian luxury furniture. 

Step by step, Bellavista Collection earned its reputation by manufacturing top-quality designer furniture, which never goes out of fashion. Attilio Zanni has always been focused on creating timeless pieces, rather than jumping on fashion trends. You can see it for yourself – just take a look at a few items created a decade ago: ELIZABETH console table, PURO sofa, or DARIUS coffee table. By the way, they’re still among bestsellers. 

In 2011, Bellavista Collection published its first comprehensive catalog, and since 2012 the brand adopted a new approach towards showcasing its items at trade events. Bellavista Collection started perceiving any room interior as a whole, where all items are equally important. Since 2012, Bellavista’s exhibitor booth at trade exhibitions resembles a fully furnished room, rather than a display. 

That’s why, along with furniture, Bellavista showcases other pieces no real home can do without. In 2012 they were FLOWER panel picture, BRIGITTA and FENICE boiserie. 

Besides, the brand started to compose completed collections, united under some general idea, picking a fresh one for each year.

In 2016 Bellavista collection brand obtained new brand identity – the distinctive look of its own, which is now recognized all over the world.

2018 collection was special indeed: it was inspired by captivating Orient and named Dulcechina. The collection consists of 12 pieces, which is reminiscent of 12 signs in Chinese Zodiac. Names of the pieces are somehow related to China: Dulcechina sofa and Dulcechina bench, Shanghai armchair, all-marble side table Pechino (Beijing), a Tao bench. (As you know, according to Chinese philosophy, Tao is the absolute principle the Universe is based on. Also, a Chinese name Tao means ‘long life’ or ‘a peach’.)

Dulcechina items virtually dominated exhibitor booth at Salone del Mobile-2018: twelve out of twenty Bellavista’s showpieces belonged to this collection. 

No wonder that Dulcechina collection scored a success both at Salone Internazionale del Mobile and Maison et Objet. Now it belongs to the core of the brand’s assortment and sells so good that you can still find it in a separate section of Bellavista’s website.

The next, 2019, year was marked with showpieces united under one more awesome general idea – Dolce vita. 

Many people of older generations do remember what this buzz phrase from the last decades of the XX century stands for. For them, it means much more than “sweet life” – the direct translation of Dolce Vita from Italian.  

This phrase evokes lots of feelings and emotions, making them recall the very special atmosphere of those times, which a genius of a filmmaker Federico Fellini had managed to capture in his “La dolce vita” movie. Even more than a half a century after, traits of design from those times trigger positive emotions and make people feel kind of nostalgic. 

Bellavista Collection’s booth at Salone del Mobile 2019 was divided into four areas, furnished as real luxury rooms. The showpieces, definitely modern, bore certain traits of design from the times when everybody knew what Dolce Vita meant. 

What’s New in 2020

It’s already clear that 2020 turned out to be the most challenging year of the decade, and not only for Bellavista Collection. The entire global economy has suffered greatly due to COVID-19.  As you know, in April Bellavista Collection put production on hold for this reason.

What’s worse is that Salone del Mobile 2020 was cancelled for the first time ever. So, the nearest edition of the Salone will take place in more than a year: it will be held from April 13 to 18, 2021. 

But in spite of all the difficulties, Bellavista Collection is working. New collections are being created, orders for Bellavista’s products are being received and processed. People still want to have these pieces, even though they will be produced with a certain delay. So, the brand has every reason to look into the future with optimism.

It looks like the new 2020 collection from Bellavista won’t be displayed at a trade show, which means that the brand’s website is the only place can see it. Too bad: these items are great and do deserve being displayed at an exhibition. So, check Bellavista’s website from time to time: new items are about to appear in its ‘What’s New’ section.   

The general idea of this year’s collection is all about admiring Beauty of Nature – with capital B and N.

Vibrant colors, shapes that could be found in nature, not to mention highlighting the natural beauty of wood, marble and other materials – that’s what you will see in Bellavista’s pieces designed in 2020. 

And, of course, the brand sticks to its principles when it comes to quality, namely: using only the best materials and meeting only the highest standards of quality. In fact, it has been so from the very beginning; Bellavista Collection never cuts corners – and isn’t going to.

 Beauty and elegance of design, plus high-quality materials, plus impeccable craftsmanship – that’s the secret of Bellavista Collection’s success. That is why the brand has every chance to celebrate a lot of jubilees in the future.