Best Hospital Design Ideas (Happy Home Paradise)

In the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC, players can create the perfect vacation getaway destination with a number of facilities, including the hospital. These facilities are unlocked as players progress through the DLC and create vacation homes for villagers. Each facility gives players a catalog of items to use in their designs, which can then be used to decorate vacation homes on the archipelago.

Players must complete 25 vacation homes on the Happy Home Archipelago to unlock the hospital, which includes an operating room and a waiting room when it’s opened. The hospital is the only facility that can be upgraded, as players can donate 120,000 Poki to add a patient ward. With all the rooms in this facility, players have a lot of flexibility to design their hospital however they want, and they can even create a unifying theme across all the rooms.


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With all of the different furniture, design skills, and effects that were included in the Happy Home Paradise DLC, players can create a wide range of interior designs and aesthetics for their hospital facility. Lighting effects and soundscapes can both be unlocked before designing the hospital, so players can tailor the facility’s atmosphere to give it the exact vibe they wish to create.

Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise Hospital Ideas

Pediatric Hospital

Players can design a pediatric hospital in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

For all the players who want their kidcore island designs to carry over to the Happy Home Paradise’s new hospital facility, a pediatric hospital is one way to go. Using Animal Crossing’s many kid-themed items like toys and plushies, players can fill their hospitals with lots of furniture and items that make the hospital less scary for its youngest patients.

There are plenty of wallpapers and floors that look great with a more child-friendly design, many of which are included in the hospital’s catalog. Good options can include the yellow quilt wall and colorful puzzle flooring. Players can even install a playroom in the hospital’s waiting room, complete with a train set or throwback racecar bed to keep the kids entertained before it’s their turn to see the doctor.

Alien Laboratory

Players can design an alien lab in Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise.

Using the hospital catalog’s test tube item, players can create a hospital that’s actually out of this world and turn it into an alien laboratory. The animated laboratory wall can create a lot of depth in this kind of room, and, by adjusting the room size, players can create a space that feels large and complex, or small and maybe even sinister. Happy Home Paradise’s lighting effects can give everything in the room an added glow and set the mood for science. This is a great room to experiment with the game’s new furniture polish feature as well, with textured animations like steamshine and stressbuzz accenting the laboratory’s experiments.

Pink Patient Ward

Players can design a patient ward in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

With the new partition walls and pillars available in Happy Home Paradise, players can create a patient ward with plenty of privacy. A large enough room will allow lots of walls and right angles to fit in the space, so designers can get creative with rooms and hallways that make patients feel more at home. The hospital can even be expanded as players donate to add more rooms, increasing the facility’s capacity as more and more villagers move into vacation homes on the Happy Home Archipelago. With pink wallpapers and floors like the white-rose wall and sakura flooring, designers can turn the hospital into a sweet, comfortable care center.

Robotics Lab

Animal Crossing’s robot villagers need to be taken care of, too, and players can use the game’s many gears and machines to create a robotics lab perfect for giving their villagers a little tune-up. With walls like the server wall and robo wall, players can accent their lab with all the right equipment and aesthetics to design their hospital down to its nuts and bolts. Medicine and technology go hand in hand, after all, and this is also a great style to choose for complex operating rooms that require the precision of machinery.

Local Pharmacy

Players can design a pharmacy in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

For players looking to create a small beach town vibe on their Happy Home Archipelago, the hospital can be turned into a pharmacy or apothecary with a cozy, local feel. This is a great design for the hospital’s top floor or waiting room since the hospital’s many rooms give players lots of flexibility. Happy Home Paradise’s new tall and low counters can be used to make shops look fully stocked, and the hospital’s medicine cabinet makes for a great display case. Players can even use this style to create a gift shop in their hospital, complete with plushies, flowers, and magazines.

Mad Scientist Lab

Players can design a mad scientist lab in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

Mad scientists can have an absolute field day with Happy Home Paradise’s hospital facility and create the lab or lair of their dreams. This design works well as either a large, complex space or a small, dingy room depending on the player’s preference, and with items like the tank and lab chair, this lab can rival that of Dr. Frankenstein himself. The zappamatic furniture polish effect is perfect for adding an electrifying touch to the room’s furniture as well, and players can use the echo or space soundscape to create an extremely creepy vibe.

Zen Wellness Center

Players can design a wellness center in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

Sometimes, a deep breath is all that’s required to feel better, and players can use their Happy Home Paradise hospital to design a wellness center for meditation, relaxation, or even aromatherapy. The hospital catalog includes the shoji screen wall and rattan mat, among other soothing walls and floors, that create a calming atmosphere so villagers can unwind. There are several rugs and mats that work great for yoga, and zen cushions are perfect for any meditation space. Players can create an uplifting vibe with bright lighting effects, or tone it down for a darker, more mellow atmosphere. The ocean and jungle soundscapes are perfect for inspiring deep relaxation and healing.

Physical Therapy Gym

Players can design a physical therapy gym in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

Health can require hard work and dedication, and players can make sure their villagers stay in shape with a physical therapy gym to treat all sorts of injuries. This is a great style for players who have a lot of jock villagers vacationing on their Happy Home Archipelago, and, with plenty of gym furniture to choose from, even the most athletic villagers can get back on their feet in no time. Players can even use the whirlpool bath or Cyprus bathtub to create a sauna in their gym.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

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