Best Winter Design Requests In Happy Home DLC

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise DLC welcomes players to the Happy Home Archipelago to create vacation homes for its many villagers, and players with a love of winter wonderlands will find a number of villagers on the archipelago who request winter-themed designs. Their requests range from chilly to cozy, giving players a wide range of options for furniture, wallpapers, and even lighting effects. Players can create homes for villagers by either speaking with them on the archipelago’s beach or inviting them via Amiibo using the Amiibo Scanner in the Paradise Planning office.


Each vacation home in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise is designed around a specific theme based on the villager’s request, and there are several homes that are themed around each of the four seasons so players can get both festive and creative. In addition, each of the Happy Home Archipelago’s many islands features different seasons, allowing players to choose the perfect location for a seasonal theme. For winter homes, the northernmost island is covered in snow year-round and features frozen glaciers and wintry forests so players can find the best place to create their seasonal designs.

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However, Animal Crossing players aren’t limited to seasonal islands as the weather and time of day can be changed for each vacation home property on the archipelago. This gives players the ability to not only completely customize both the interior and exterior of the home, but allows them to create a winter wonderland at any of the many locations on the Happy Home Paradise map. Additionally, players can create multiple homes at one location, so they won’t have to worry too much about which villager to place where. Not only can players design each villager’s winter paradise, but they also have the ability to change the villager’s clothes to fit the theme of the design.

There’s Snow Place Like Home For Bianca In ACNH Happy Home Paradise

Bianca's vacation home designed by sucrelune in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing’s Bianca is a tiger villager whose appearance is modeled to look like a snow leopard with white fur and round spots, so it makes sense that she requests a snowy vacation home in Happy Home Paradise that reminds her of the snow from where she grew up. Her theme, “My Winter Wonderland,” must include the Ski Rack, Three-tiered Snowperson, and Frozen Sculpture furniture items, all of which are featured in this design by sucrelune. Players could even select a location with a large outdoor space to set up a ski slope or a snowy forest to make Bianca feel right at home.

It’s Toy Day Every Day In Curlos’ ACNH Happy Home Paradise Design

Curlos will request the “House of Eternal Toy Day,” making his Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise vacation home a great choice for players whose favorite holiday is Christmas. His design requires the Big Festive Tree, Holiday Candle, and Illuminated Tree furniture items, and players can make use of a variety of Ornament and Illuminated items to bring this design together. This design was completed by Alexis Arcade and makes use of the Falling-Snow Wall for a cozy winter cabin feel that could make anyone wish it was Toy Day every day.

Daisy Wants A Home Santa Loves In ACNH Happy Home Paradise

Like Curlos, Daisy will request a Christmas-themed house with her “Santa’s Favorite House” vacation home request in Animal Crossing’s Happy Home Paradise. She wants a home that would be perfect for Santa to visit, which requires players to make use of the Big Festive Tree, Holiday Candle, and Illuminated Present items, as Bloo Bunnie does in this design.

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Bloo even changes the time of day to night time in order to set the scene for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve, making the inside of this winter-themed home seem even cozier by comparison. Daisy’s Toy Day design is perfect for players whose favorite thing about winter is waiting for Santa to arrive all through December.

Design A Cozy Cabin For Eunice In ACNH Happy Home Paradise

Another of Animal Crossing’s sheep villagers, Eunice, will ask for a winter-themed design with her “Cozy Winter Cabin” vacation home request. In order to complete her request, players will have to use the Wood-Burning Stove, Stewpot, and Sewing Project items, making her cabin the perfect place to bundle up and stay warm for the winter. This design was done by Bena Babysox and also makes use of the blue reindeer custom pattern on the bed and couch to make this cute winter cabin even cozier.

Flurry Wants A House Of Flurries In ACNH Happy Home Paradise

Flurry's vacation home designed by Fleurs Crossing in Animal Crossing.

As her name might suggest, Flurry will request a vacation home that reminds her of snow-white flurries in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise. Players will have to use the Snow Globe, Cushion, and Three-Tiered Snowperson as they design a room themed around white furniture that’s reminiscent of freshly fallen snow for her “Flurry’s House of Flurries” design. As such, Flurry’s home is one of the more flexible winter-themed requests since players can make use of Animal Crossing’s customization options to achieve this monochromatic aesthetic, like Fleurs Crossing does in this design.

Break Out The Skis For Hans In ACNH Happy Home Paradise

Unlike the other villagers who request winter-themed vacation homes in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise, Hans focuses more on outdoor winter sports than cozy cabins with his “My Personal Ski Slope” design request. This design requires players to use the Round Space Heater, Sleigh, and Ski Rack items to bring Hans’ ski slope or ski lodge dreams to life, as shown in this design by Fulish Fuji. This ski cabin is the perfect place to warm up after a day out in the cold, and players whose favorite thing about winter is the chance to hit the slopes should be sure to find Hans when he arrives on the beach of the Happy Home Archipelago.

Throw A Kotatsu Party With Wendy In ACNH Happy Home Paradise

Wendy's vacation home designed by Bits N Bitszys in Animal Crossing.

Wendy will request a “Warm Winter Den” in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise featuring a kotatsu for her and her friends to stay nice and cozy during the cold winter months. Along with the Kotatsu furniture item, players will also have to use the Japanese Dresser and Moss Ball to make her dream vacation home a reality. This design was completed by Bits N Bitszys, who creates a lovely, warm party space by using the Futon furniture item and Tatami Mat rugs as well as clothing items like the Simple Visiting Kimono and House Slippers.

Like the other winter-themed designs, Wendy’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise request is perfect for getting players settled in for the season.

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