Everything you need to know about parquet

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Oak wood parquet is a popular thing these days. Many people choose it, and you are probably thinking about that too if you are reading this article. But, before buying it, there are things that everyone should know. So do not stop reading, and you will find out everything you need to know about oak wood parquet.

Firstly, when laid in a classic way, the ends of the floorboards symmetrically come together. Also, the oak floorboards are perfect for the heated floor. Let‘s not forget to mention the fact, that oak is a strong wood, so your parquet will be very durable and definitely long-lasting. When choosing this type of parquet, you can choose from loads of different structures, types, colors. You can pick the width and length of your choice. The same thing happens with surface finishing. Also, you should probably use the Stauf SKU-460 or Stauf Multilayer glue. And, lastly, the indoor relative humidity should be about 45-60{397f7d3bf28e79e4b04697a61c19976344b6039fc71c31bcb0404a4bd2f8b6ab}.

So, if you are still thinking about whether or not you should be an oak wood parquet, the answer is definitely yes. Let‘s repeat the main things you might need to know about it: your parquet will be durable, it is perfect for a heated floor. You can choose from a lot of different structures, types, colors. Then decide the width and length which you want. This type of parquet never goes out of trends, so if you are still hesitating about how it may look – be sure that it will look great.