Rise of ‘Zoom-scaping’ sees sales of picture frames and wall art soar

Home workers are snapping up picture frames, art and plants to “Zoom-scape” their houses for work meetings.

John Lewis said sales of items popular with those looking for an attractive backdrop for calls on video-messaging service Zoom have soared compared to last year.

Since March, large numbers have been working from home because of the pandemic meaning that meetings have had to be conducted online on Zoom or Skype.

Sales of picture frames are 80 per cent higher than last year, art is up 113 per cent and mirrors have risen by 65 per cent, John Lewis said. Shoppers have also splashed out on attractive desk lamps, pushing sales up by 27 per cent, and plants.

Katherine Lemin, a wall decor buyer at the retailer, said: “With meetings happening mostly on video calls our walls have become our first impression. They are the way we ‘dress to impress’ now and what we have on them can signal who we are or our interests.”

John Lewis said the growing popularity of lamps could be driven by people wanting to avoid the “five o’clock shadow” that can be cast across your face on a video call.

Bethan Harwood, a home design stylist, has been helping customers with advice on home offices via virtual appointments. 

She said: “Art and shelves are a great way to banish bland walls adding in vases, pictures and books gives the viewer a sense of who you are. As you would at work, keep your space clutter free, as this signals you are in control and conscientious.”