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Some of the coolest gadgets on Amazon are things you would never expect. We’re not talking about popular products like Apple’s AirPods Pro, though it’s worth noting that they’re on sale right now with a $52 discount. Hurry and you can snag AirPods Pro for just $197!

We’re talking about cool lesser-known gadgets like the GLAS Smart Thermostat. Yes, it supports voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant. But this crazy device also has a transparent OLED display that you can see right through!

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That nifty thermostat retails for a hefty $250, but you can often find it in stock for less than that. However, you don’t have to spend that much at all to get nifty devices on Amazon.

This mouse pad is among the coolest Amazon gadgets

One of our favorite Amazon finds that is definitely categorized as cool is the ThermoPro wireless meat thermometer. For just $36, this awesome device helps you cook steak and other meats perfectly every single time.

But we’ve told our readers about this little gadget plenty of times. Now, it’s time for something new.

The JCREN Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging is going to be your new favorite Amazon find. It’s also only $19.79 today thanks to a new lower retail price and a coupon you can clip.

At first glance, it looks like a regular old mouse pad, though it’s definitely a bit sleeker than most of the ones you’ve seen. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll see that it has a built-in 10W fast wireless charger!

That means you can place any Qi-compatible smartphone next to your mouse while you work. And it’ll be fully charged when you’re done. How cool is that?!

If you want to step things up a bit, you can spend a little more and get the GIM RGB Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging instead.

It’s a full-length desk pad for your keyboard and mouse, and it has 10 different LED lighting modes. Plus, as you surely guessed, it has a built-in wireless charger. It’s one of the coolest Amazon gadgets you’ll find, and it’s discounted today!

JCREN Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

If you want a quick and easy solution for adding a hidden wireless charger to your workstation, this is it.

The JCREN Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging installs in seconds and it’s about the same size as a regular mouse pad. That way, it doesn’t occupy too much space on your desk. Whenever you’re working and your phone isn’t in your pocket, just plop it down on this mouse pad to keep it charged.

It’s one of the coolest Amazon gadgets ever. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The JCREN Mouse Pad with Built-In 10W Fast Wireless Charger is sleek and compact

  • A 2-in-1 design combines a comfortable and stylish mouse pad with a fast wireless charger

  • The nonslip finish keeps your smartphone in place while you work

  • Just place your smartphone on the right side of the mouse pad and it will begin charging automatically

  • Supports wireless charging speeds up to 10W

  • Compatible with all Qi devices including iPhone models and Samsung Galaxy phones

  • Waterproof and dust-proof

  • Safety features include over-voltage, under-voltage, temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit protection systems

GIM RGB Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging

The GIM RGB Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging is an extra-large mouse pad instead of a small rectangle. It’s actually a desk pad. Instead of just having room for your mouse, it also has room for your whole keyboard.

This cool Amazon gadget is super comfortable to use, and it even has RGB lighting if you want to use it. Here are some additional details to keep in mind:

  • This extra-large mouse pad is actually a mat for everything on your desk

  • Place your mouse and your keyboard on the nonslip rubberized surface for comfort while you work or game

  • A built-in 10W fast wireless charger recharges your smartphone as you play

  • Built-in LED lighting with 10 different lighting modes is the perfect addition to any gaming setup

  • Includes over-voltage and over-charging protection built right in

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