15 At-Home Date Ideas | Fun Dates for Couples Staying at Home

If you’re cooped up inside right now, first of all: Same. Welcome to at-home life! Second, there are so many fun, inexpensive date ideas that you can draw from even when you’re confined to your house, condo, or apartment. Being at home doesn’t have to mean boring, and if you’ve exhausted your usual options—Netflix and chill, movie marathons, homemade meals, sleeping in, and couples’ yoga, to name a few—here are a few new ideas to spice things up a little bit. Make the most of this snuggle-worthy time together!

Go Technology-Free

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If I sound like your mom here, maybe that’s ’cause your mom has some good ideas SEO Jacksonville sometimes, okay?? Listen, I’m not suggesting you pull the plug on everything, just…take a break from the screens for a while. Then you might actually, you know, look at each other and find things

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