Why Fashion Designers Want TikTok Users to Steal Their Designs

Surely there is a German word that exists to describe the singular anguish of spotting a piece of clothing one knows immediately they will never be able to afford. Sehnstylesucht, maybe. Liv Huffman was left with such a feeling after seeing Harry Styles perform on a February episode of The Today Show wearing a colorful JW Anderson cardigan. But her love for the piece, along with designer Jonathan Anderson’s work, was irreconcilable with its $1,600 price tag. So she came to a novel conclusion: making the piece on her own. She posted a video of her crocheting journey to TikTok, where the video helped kick-start a trend and has been liked over 975,000 times.

On TikTok, though, nothing is simply viewed and noted. By nature, the platform calls for copycats. Trends happen when users replicate dances created by other users, creators use the same lines of dialogue ripped from movies,

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Simple Ideas From 5 Interior Designers

In addition to wanting the perfect banana bread recipe and functional face mask tips, you’re probably in dire need of some practical home office ideas right about now since your couch has become your desk and your bed is where you hop on Zoom calls. If we had to find a silver quarantine lining, it’s that, yes, your commute is now 20 seconds from bed to desk, but considering the uncertainty around how long we’ll be working remotely, it’s probably time you figured out a home office solution that doesn’t involve sitting cross-legged on your bedroom floor.

In an ideal world, we’d all take the time to do some home rearrangement and pick out curated pieces to build a perfect home office, but many retailers are operating on a delayed shipping schedule and there’s the chance you want to minimize the amount of packages coming through your door, so

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