Get Salon-Worthy Nails At Home With These DIY Manicure Kits

A gift of self-care like a manicure is always a win. Whether you’re treating yourself, your mom, or your best friend, it’s safe to say that a little meaningful me-time goes a long way in uncertain times, like the ones we’ve presently found ourselves in. And if you’re looking for a feel-good activity to do while spending time at home, consider the DIY nail kit.

Sure, back in the day a Dopp kit with stainless-steel nail clippers might have been a boring gift. But today, with the way nail art has blown up, manicure sets are chic and useful — with sharp trimmers, cuticle oil, topcoat, and an emery board, all held inside a carrying case that you won’t want to hide inside a bathroom cabinet.

Ahead, the best manicure kits money can buy to bring the nail salon experience to your home.

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Bored Kids? Try IKEA Russia’s 6 DIY Fort Designs

In many countries around the world, kids have been out of school for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and now we’re officially heading into summer vacation. If you’re a parent, chances are you’re running out of ideas to keep them entertained (or just out of your hair). If you want to give them something fun to do and somewhere else to be, even temporarily, IKEA Russia has offered up a series of fort plans that can be made with common household objects.

IKEA Russia's recently-released DIY
IKEA Russia’s recently-released DIY

Created by ad agency Instinct as part of the brand’s 20th anniversary in Russia, the campaign features six designs for homemade forts and tents: Cåstle, Wigwåm, Cåve, Cåmpingtent, Förtress, and Höuse. Of course, the brand’s own products are featured as the components of each one, but you can always get creative and replace them with whatever you have on hand.

IKEA Russia's recently-released DIY
IKEA Russia’s recently-released
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