creatives share their working-from-home set ups

Making and designing jewellery can be quite a solitary occupation, especially for smaller brands. Unlike the high jewellery ateliers of Place Vendôme, Bond Street or Geneva, where dozens of designers work together and troops of craftspeople cast, mount, set and polish in the same space, many independent designers work in their own heads, sketching and making gouaches, poring over books for sell my house fast jacksonville inspiration, fiddling with clay or wax prototypes.

Many of these people already worked from home, with the luckiest of them having jewellery benches and tools to keep them busy during lockdown, while others are finding isolation a boon to their creativity, designing with no deadlines and nowhere to go.

I asked jewellery designers and makers to share their creative spaces and thoughts, and the responses were as varied as the individuals themselves.

Hannah Martin, one of the most authentic jewellers of the punk aesthetic, … Read More