10 things that will help you cut down on screen time

Finally, get your phone off your back.
Finally, get your phone off your back.

Does anyone else feel personally victimized by their smartphone? As I spend more time at home in social isolation, it feels like every week I get a new report that my screen time has increased. Not great. But between responding to texts to stay connected with friends and family to mindlessly scrolling through social media to downloading a ton of games to pass the time (curse you, Stardew Valley), it makes sense that my screen time has steadily increased.

While finding ways to keep ourselves entertained isn’t necessarily a bad thing, studies have shown that the blue light emitted by these screens can disrupt sleep patterns and that both games and social media can be addictive. Personally, I’ve been feeling like I could make better use of my spare time—and thankfully there are a few products to help us keep our hands off

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