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In this post I am sharing the best boob light alternatives for every budget.

Boob Light Alternative

We have been on a mission to replace all of our builder-grade light fixtures throughout our home. We had a massive boob light in our living room and I can’t believe we lived with it for five years! I really don’t know why it took me so long to replace it but I am so glad that we finally did.

We installed this gorgeous Sculptural Glass Pebble Flushmount from West Elm. This one simple change made such a big impact on the overall look of our living room.

In this post, I am sharing all about boob lights. What they are, what to replace them with and how to determine what size light fixture you need. I have also compiled the most beautiful modern boob light replacement fixtures. There is something for any budget/or space from practical to statement fixtures.

Boob Light Replacement Before and After

What is a Boob Light?

You may be thinking what is a boob light? Well if you don’t know take a look up at your ceiling lights. More than likely you have them throughout your home. They are more professionally called flush mount dome lights. But if you look long enough you will see why they are commonly referred to as boob lights.

The reason why they can be found in most homes, especially rentals is because they are cheap and easy to replace.

What Can I Use Instead of a Boob Light?

Replacing your boob lights can make a big impact on the look of your interiors and can really upgrade your space. There are so many great lighting options to choose from instead of the classic boob light. It will all depend on your ceiling height and location.

More than likely a decorative flush mount or semi-flush mount is going to be your best option. In this post, I am sharing the best boob light replacement in both flush and semi-flush styles and at multiple price points so that you can find the best one for your space and budget.

If you have higher ceiling heights and you are replacing a boob light you may want to consider a chandelier or pendant for a more dramatic look. You will need at least 7 feet from the bottom of the chandelier to the floor.

What Does Semi Flush Mount Mean?

Now that I shared what to replace your boob light ( also known as a flush mount dome light) with you may be wondering what is a semi flush mount versus a flush mount.

A flush mount light fixture sits directly or flush with the ceiling and provides light shining down. A semi-flush mount is similar but instead of sitting directly flush with the ceiling, it is suspended with a small stem leaving a gap between the ceiling and the fixture.

How do You Know What Size Flush Mount/Semi Flush Mount to Buy

Determining what size light fixture to buy can be tricky. Luckily choosing flush mount and semi-flush mounts can be a little easier because you don’t typically have to worry about your ceiling height. These light fixtures are perfect for lower ceiling heights, but also provide great general lighting for any space.

There are however different widths available. Here is one way to determine if a light fixture will work for your space.

Add the width of your room and length of your room together. Convert that number to inches and that is the general width that will work for your space. For example, if you have a bedroom that is 10 feet wide by 12 feet long you will be looking for a light that is approx 22 inches wide.

This is just a general guide. I do not always follow this but it can be a great starting point. If you are looking to make a statement you may want to go bigger.

36 of the Best Boob Light Replacement Fixtures

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Semi-Flush Mount & Flush Mount Under $100

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boob light Alternative

under $100 Sources:

  1. Scalloped Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light Brass
  2. Sculptural Flushmount, Milk Glass, Antique Brass
  3. Blackened Metal Dome Flush Mount
  4. Clear Glass Shade Semi Flush Mount Light
  5. 2-Pack Industrial Semi Flush Mount Black w/ Clear Glass
  6. Brass and Glass Dome Semi Flush Mount
  7. Modern Brass Semi Flush Mount
  8. Mid-Century Retro Brass Glass Ceiling Lights
  9. White Metal Dome Adjustable Semi Flush Mount Ceiling
  10. Black Flush Mount Light with Clear Round Shade
  11. Classic Dome Enameled Ceiling Light
  12. Simple Glass Ceiling Light

Semi-Flush Mount & Flush Mount Under $300

semi flush mount lights

Under $300 Sources:

  1. Sculptural Glass Ribbed Flushmount
  2. Sculptural Glass Pebble Flushmount
  3. Linen Drum Shaded Flush Mount
  4. Rattan Flower Flushmount
  5. Modern Diner Flush Mount
  6. White Rattan Flushmount
  7. Alistair Light Flush Mount
  8. Aged Brass Ceiling Light w/ Cream Shade
  9. Colgate Flush Mount
  10. Textured Black Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
  11. Naomi Flush Mount
  12. Maddox Black Flush Mount Light 

Semi-Flush Mount & Flush Mount Over $300

semi flush mount and flush mount

Over $300 Sources:

  1. Young House Love Rough Edge
  2. Cloud Flush Mount
  3. Aged Wood Beaded Semi Flush Mount
  4. Altona Aged Brass & Walnut Barebulb Semi-Flush Fixture
  5. Eastmoreland Semi Flush
  6. Crawford Flush Mount
  7. Conical Aged Brass Drum Semi-Flush
  8.  Jane 3 Light Flush Mount
  9. Tarbell Semi-Flush Mount Light
  10. Intergalactic Ring Light
  11. Serene Deco Ceiling Light
  12. Scalloped Shade Semi-Flush Ceiling Light
West Elm Flushmount

Fixer Upper Style Lighting

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