Was There a Single Color Trend at Highpoint Market Fall 2022?

Was There a Single Color Trend at Highpoint Market Fall 2022?

I have lots of gorgeous images of beautiful products seen at Highpoint Market Fall 2022 this last weekend. I visited at least 40 showrooms or booths and found a few trends I’d like to share.

The one I was most curious about was color. Would there be a specific color trend evident at this market?

lots of color but not one dominated

I did notice more color this market than in the last few markets, but it seemed that there were all kinds of different colors, not an overall trend in one direction or another.

Yes, there were more warm colors like at spring market, terracotta, ocher and even that Sherwin Williams Redend Point type shade, but there were plenty of other colors too.

Cool and warm, soft and bold, they seemed to run the gamut. It was totally refreshing to not see everything looking so similar. Let’s face it, color does help create a memorable experience. I know I do recall certain showrooms and brands from the colors they used.

For example, Global Views went big with a bold red at their main entrance.

A major color statement at the Global Views showroom at Highpoint Market Fall 2022. carlaaston.com


This citron color caught my eye from across the showroom at Sherrill Furniture. carlaaston.com

These bold greens were lovely mixed in with more subdued neutrals and textures.

Green leather chairs at CR Laine | carlaaston.com

An alternating color sectional at Pasha Home | carlaaston.com


Bold wall color and art at the Julian Chichester showroom. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

Check out the warm tones seen this market

This warm peachy-orange tone sofa at Norwalk was eye-catching for its color as well as its shape, curves and long length.

Norwalk Furniture had lots of this terracotta tone on their showroom floor. carlaaston.com

More warm rust/terracotta tones were seen at Lexington Home Brands and Gabby Home. That rusty caramel looks great with a dark gray, doesn’t it?

Caramel chenille on these sofas mixed with gray in the Lexington showroom | carlaaston.com


Rusty orange leather wood chairs at Lexington Home Brands, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


A reddish terracotta works with blush and cream in the Gabby showroom. carlaaston.com

Hmmmm, leopard is a color, right?

The Square Feathers booth was vibrant with this leopard and red vignette. carlaaston.com

Cool colors have not left the building

We haven’t all gone over to the warm color tone side. Blues and greens still abound and no one does them better than Thibaut.

Blues and greens from Thibaut | Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


Blues and greens from Thibaut | Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com


They called this a west coast look. To me, this looks really east coast. I love it either way! Thibaut, Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

I always love the vibrant color at Julian Chichester.

This rich turquoise is accented with chunky red lamps at Julian Chichester. carlaaston.com

Lexington Home Brands is going blue on the glass in an outdoor table line.

A blue glass top adds some color in an outdoor patio, from Lexington Home Brands. carlaaston.com

Loved this vibrant teal at the Square Feathers booth.

Vibrant teal at the Square Feathers booth, Highpoint Market. carlaaston.com


Bold teal and green in the CR Laine showroom, Highpoint Market. | carlaaston.com

Softer color palettes were just as apparent

Softer, pastel colors were seen too, in greens, lavenders and pinks.

Pink sofa in the Gabby showroom, Highpoint Market. carlaaston.com


Soft greens in the Thibaut showroom look fresh. carlaaston.com


Pastel shades make for a calm, sweet look in the Thibaut showroom. carlaaston.com


Pastel lavender, blush and pink in the Sherrill showroom. carlaaston.com


These softer colors in the Highland House showroom were a lovely combination. Highpoint Market | carlaaston.com

This is probably one of my favorite combos of fabrics that I saw. I loved the gold velvet with that gray windowpane and the Chinoiserie fabric pattern on the chairs. The art just pulled it all together. Just a lovely and balanced look made so special because of the colors.

Chinoiserie upholstered chairs, a gray windowpane fabric sofa and plush gold velvet make for a nice combo in the CR Laine showroom. carlaaston.com

I’ve got more pics and info to share from market, so watch for more in my next post!

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