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Marble benchtops offer you a timeless and elegant kitchen area style and design resolution, staying in particular preferred in classically styled interiors (which includes the well known Hamptons design kitchen area style and design type!). There are nonetheless, various critical variables that are crucial to keep in brain when picking out marble benchtops for your following kitchen area renovation.

Marble for Kitchen area Counter tops: What you Need to have to Know

As considerably as kitchen area stones go, marble benchtops have constantly been a favorite preference many thanks to this purely natural stone’s stylish and timeless enchantment. Marble benchtops are also a quite versatile kitchen layout alternative as they can glimpse ideal at dwelling in a array of different styles, from basic to modern!

Of course, there are specific key things that are truly worth contemplating when making your kitchen colour and substance picks. These elements include pricing, cleaning and upkeep as effectively as your personal kitchen area design style.

The Price tag of Marble Benchtops

it goes devoid of declaring that a natural stone benchtop is a premium kitchen structure option with marble benchtops getting priced better than other supplies this sort of as engineered stone for instance. Depending on the unique range of marble you decide on for your kitchen area design and style task, the rate can differ so it is significant to make your mind up on your own special kitchen area design design and style and assure your selected marble stone benchtop will tie into this glance.

What is the Most economical Marble Benchtop?

As a standard rule of thumb Carrara marble benchtops are often the most price productive natural stone choice with other versions of marble (these types of as Statuario marble, Nero Marquinna, and so forth.) getting greater in price.

Modern Hamptons Kitchen Design_Marble Kitchen Benchtops
Carrara marble is a well known preference for a Hamptons kitchen structure model, building a high-class and stylish search in the property. Graphic

Cleaning & Sustaining Marble Benchtops

A marble kitchen benchtop will involve sealing in purchase to be well guarded about time however, this does not always present finish and complete security of the materials against staining. Normal stones these kinds of as marble are porous in nature and thus can take in liquid or powder spills. Kitchen area components this kind of as pink wines, turmeric and other strongly coloured or acidic objects can stain the floor of your marble worktop so it is essential to cleanse these spills absent quickly rather than permitting them sit on the surface of your benchtop for far too lengthy. Getting a calcium centered natural stone, a marble benchtop can encounter a chemical reaction when acidic ingredients (for case in point: fruit, wine, lemon juice, etc.) appear into speak to with the content. This response is referred to as etching and even though a high-quality sealer will aid in stopping too much problems or discolouration from happening, it can induce a dull mark on the surface area of your marble kitchen area benchtop.

On the in addition side nevertheless, a expert stone servicing pro can revitalise your natural stone kitchen benchtop in most situations so if you knowledge any stubborn marks this would be an great choice to examine.

Kitchen area Structure Design: Which Marble will finest accommodate my Design?

Your distinct kitchen structure design and style will also enjoy a purpose in no matter if or not to use a marble benchtop as specified patterns will be perfectly complemented by a marble kitchen area benchtop when some others could not. White marbles these as Carrara for case in point are the fantastic kitchen area benchtop decision for a Hamptons fashion kitchen for instance when the deep charcoal tones of a Pietra Grey marble benchtop would properly complement a contemporary or industrial styled kitchen design plan.

Black Marble Benchtop_Modern Kitchen Design
This up to date kitchen area layout incorporates a high-class honed marble benchtop and matching splashback to make a magnificent black-on-black kitchen design and style. Image

Substitute Solutions: Marble Look Stone

If purely natural marble is not the right in shape for your life style but you even now want to incorporate a marble glance stone in your new kitchen style and design scheme, engineered stones (also referred to as composite stones) deliver the upcoming most effective option. These stones are man-manufactured applying a mixture of natural quartz, pigments and polymers resulting in an extremely-challenging and durable surface area finish. You will obtain possibilities offered in just about any model from concrete appear benchtop solutions to terrazzo and of system, marble look stone selections ranging from smooth white marbles, greys and even black marble looks.

Marble Look Stone_Caesarstone Noble Grey Kitchen Benchtops
Caesarstone’s Noble Gray offers a real looking illustration of an reliable marble in an engineered stone different. Unlike normal stone marble benchtops, Caesarstone benchtops will not need sealing and in basic will not need the exact stage of servicing as a organic stone. Checkout our critique of this outstanding kitchen area design and style remedy right here!

Engineered stone benchtops do not demand sealing and in standard will be a lot more forgiving when it comes to staining it need to be observed on the other hand that these elements CAN be stained by harsher substances and abrasive cleaners but they will hold up a great deal much better than a pure stone products would. Engineered stone producers do generally market their very own collections of cleaning solutions that are precise to composite stone benchtops for stubborn marks, we would also advise Gumption!

Are Marble Benchtops Worthy of it?

So, are marble benchtops truly worth it? That all comes down to your very own individual choices! If you are craving that luxurious authentic marble glimpse then of system, a timeless marble benchtop is the excellent possibility for your new kitchen area style. If however you choose a kitchen area product that will match a occupied way of life with a lot of spills, probably an engineered stone benchtop or porcelain benchtop would be a superior alternative as these solutions offer you a lot more toughness, stain resistance and are generally a lot more price helpful. You will obtain far more information on the numerous kitchen area benchtop selections in our guideline in this article.

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