What’s new for 2022 in home design, decor

Home enhancements show no signs of slowing down. For any upgrades you plan to make in the near future, it helps to know your options. Now you can learn from the pros what’s new for 2022.

For the latest trends, Readly, the “all you can read” magazine app, partnered with interior design expert Jane Thomson. According to the digital subscription service, shelter magazines remain a popular source for inspiration when considering home improvements.   

“The pandemic has allowed us to see our spaces through a new lens. We now see our erstwhile domiciles as our sanctuaries if we didn’t before,” says Thomson in a press release. “My clients are all so much more aware of how their environment affects their moods, mental health, and even their relationships.”

Multifunctional rooms have become more prevalent. “COVID has forced us to shine a light into the deep, dark long-forgotten spaces in our abodes,” she adds. “The long-forgotten spare bedroom is no longer treated like the dumping ground for all things unwanted and has now become the hero and workhorse of our homes.”

Upcoming trends lean toward nostalgic and cozy with warm whites making a comeback. Pairings like rich buttery yellow with brown, brick red and aubergine are also on the rise. Expect to see more products with natural finishes like stone, wood and rattan, along with curvy profiles.