How to Create the Perfect Master Bedroom.

7 Ideas to Create the Perfect Master Bedroom

Your bedroom acts as your sanctuary. It’s where we spend a third of our day, either sleeping, relaxing or getting ready for the events of night and day. The master bedroom is the most luxurious space to relax in the house- or at least, it should be. But more often than not, the design of a master bedroom is overlooked, and consists of mismatched décor that is far from luxurious or complimentary. For prospective home buyers, the master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and can be a huge selling point if your property is on the market. However, a master bedroom that isn’t aesthetically pleasing may be a hindrance to your property market. If you’re wondering “how can I sell my house fast?” perhaps creating a master bedroom that is a calm haven is a great place to start. Here at We Buy Any House, we have put together a few tips on how to create the perfect master bedroom.

Set a Budget:

As remodeling and interior design can be quite expensive due to materials and installation, it’s wise to set a budget before any work begins or any purchases are made. Depending on the extensiveness of the project, the final price of your renovated room can vary- so be sure to factor in everything to the final budget. 

Wants and Needs:

The extravagance of your master bedroom essentially boils down to the complexity and scope of the work- including all finalised features, materials used and the amount of labour that will be required from the job. If your budget is tight, take a moment to analyse what you need to do, and think about which improvements are vital and which ones you can do without.

DIY or Employed Labour?

Following this, decide how you are going to go about renovations. If you’re planning on doing DIY, then ensure you know what you’re doing- as you want to avoid injury or mistakes that will result in more expenses being paid. Employed labour is the safest option yet hiring a professional can be quite costly. If this is your preferred option, then don’t forget to include it in the budget.


When upgrading and transforming your master bedroom, there are a number of features you can include. From a large master en suite, to a walk in-closet, outdoor entrance, or dressing room- the choices are endless. Each feature can be designed to your bespoke taste but bear in mind that the prices will vary massively.


Décor is perhaps the most important part- as it can really make or break a room. A few things you may want to consider as you redesign your master bedroom are:

  • Furniture- Your furniture selection has a huge impact on the final look of the room and its atmosphere and vibe. Consider furniture themes, such as the material used throughout the room, from bed frames to curtains. If you have pre-existing furniture that you want to keep, will it fit in with your new bedroom?
  • Furniture Layout- Your new master bedroom should function with ease- and this can be down to the layout of furniture. Ensure that your room has a direct path for traffic, and that the furniture is placed in an area where it looks good but is still functional.
  • Artwork- Artwork, ornaments and pictures help tie together a room in terms of colours, themes and textures. Find something that compliments the space and overall theme of the room.
  • Mirrors- Not only great decorations, but mirrors are great for making the room look bigger. 
  • Bedding- As your bed will always be the focal point of your room, its vital to ensure that your bedding accentuates the décor of your room. It’s important to choose tones, textures and colours.