HP bundles print, PC hardware and services for hybrid work

HP is introducing a new offer that bundles services and hardware for both printers and PCs. The new HP Work from Home bundle is designed for organizations that are building permanent hybrid work strategies. 

“We’ve been talking to our customers and end users to understand their challenges,” Sumeer Chandra, global head and GM of personal systems services at HP, said to reporters this week. “We are learning while almost everybody has been able to work remotely, companies still aren’t prepared to support hybrid work in the longterm.” 

From an IT perspective, Chandra said, managers and admins have had to oversee devices from a growing number of vendors. When it comes to employees themselves, hybrid work arrangements have made it challenging to get devices configured, get support quickly and get the right printing and PC supplies. The HP Work from Home bundle is designed to address all of those issues. 

The bundle represents the first time HP has offered print and PC device and services through a single offer “but also a foundation for enabling more HP services in the future to support hybrid work.” 

HP Work from Home can include:

  • Hardware: notebooks, desktops, workstations and printers 
  • Print services: HP Print Flexworker, next business day response, home delivery and automatic supply replenishment
  • PC Services: HP Proactive Insights to learn about the employee experience, next business day response, home delivery and HP factory services (where devices come pre-configured)
  • Financing: The bundle comes ina single contract, with per employee per month pricing

IT managers can also tap HP customer success managers to provide real-time insights and provide feedback in terms of how teams can optimize infrastructure. They can also enable device telemetry to improve device visibility and improve security. 

HP is also launching HP Wolf Protect and Trace, a new security service for hybrid work arrangements. It offers a “find your device” feature for missing items. IT teams can decide whether found divides should be locked until they can be retrieved or wiped clean. Multiple IT approvers have to be independently involved to remotely lock devices and erase data, ensuring that devices remain safe even if one person’s credentials are compromised. IT can respond quickly to reported lost or stolen devices with comprehensive monitoring via the HP TechPulse Dashboard.

As workforces and enterprises shift to hybrid modes of work, HP is following suit, said George Brasher, global head and GM of Print Services and Solutions for HP.

“Fundamentally, HP is a key technology provider for workers,” he said. “You’re seeing a very big pivot to worker-centric technology versus worker and office-centric devices.”