‘Love It or List It’ Designs a Whole New Kind of Home Office-Take a Look

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On “Love It or List It,” Hilary Farr and David Visentin know that many people are working from home these days, so it’s no surprise that they have more than a few ideas on how to carve out a home office. In the Season 18 episode “A Tale of Two […]

On “Love It or List It,” Hilary Farr and David Visentin know that many people are working from home these days, so it’s no surprise that they have more than a few ideas on how to carve out a home office.

In the Season 18 episode “A Tale of Two Davids,” Visentin and Farr meet with David and Maria, parents of two who are quickly running out of room. With limited bathroom space, an underused basement, and very little workspace, this family is on the verge of moving.

However, Maria still has hope for this home, so the couple give Farr $95,000 to fix it up. Meanwhile, Visentin is on a hunt for a new home that will provide a little more elbow room for this family of four.

Find out how Farr makes this small home feel more spacious, and learn some great take-home lessons you might be able to use, too.

Paint can create the illusion of more space

living room
This living room was functional already.


There are a lot of problem areas in Maria and David’s house, but the living room isn’t one of them. It is spacious and comfortable—the perfect place for a family to lounge. Still, Farr makes a few cosmetic changes, like switching out the rug and adding some seating. Plus, she makes one big change: painting the walls.

living room
New paint makes this room feel brand-new.


When Maria and David finally see the finished living room, they say the space feels much bigger. Farr assures them there’s no extra square footage.

“It’s complete illusion, of course,” she says. “A big part of that is just painting everywhere so that it’s refreshed and it’s all the same color on the walls.”

A white ceiling can make a room feel bigger

David and Maria have been using this basement as a catchall room.


David and Maria tell Farr they need a guest space, an office for David, and more room for the kids to play. While the home has extra square footage in the basement, this space is dark and dingy.

Farr knows this basement would be more usable if only she could improve one surprising feature: the ceiling.

She changes out the lights to make the ceiling look less cluttered, and then paints the ceiling white.

“It’s all sprayed white and feels as though there’s more height in the room,” Farr says. “It’s completely an optical illusion, but it feels good, it looks good.”

With a new color and upgraded lighting, this doesn’t feel like a basement.


To finish the look, Farr adds a couch that folds out into a bed (perfect for guests) and desks for the kids to play and do homework on.

A glass door can bring in tons of light

basement door
This basement leads out to the backyard.



While the new ceiling instantly brightens this room, Farr finds another way to make the basement seem lighter. She replaces the back door with a new glass door, letting in twice as much light. Plus, the new door adds some modern style.

“This door solved so many things,” Farr says. “This makes all the difference.”

basement door
The glass door allows for more light.


New tile can make a small bathroom feel bigger

This bathroom is a little small for two growing kids.


Before renovation begins, Maria and David complain that the secondary bathroom, which their kids share, is too small. Right away, Farr knows she can’t expand the space, so she resolves to simply update the finishes.

Farr gives the space new tile with a long, thin shape, helping to make the space look longer. She also installs a white vanity to make the space feel lighter. When Farr is done, the bathroom isn’t any bigger, but it functions well. Plus, it feels sleeker and more modern, which the kids will appreciate as they get older.

With new tile, this bathroom looks bigger and more modern.


Take advantage of a high ceiling and create a ‘loftice’

bedroom storage
This bedroom has a beautiful, high ceiling.


While Farr is able to make a lot of upgrades to this home, she struggles to find David a dedicated workspace. He’s not interested in working from the basement guest room, and he doesn’t like Farr’s next idea of using the old laundry closet. 

This loft-office is a creative solution.


Luckily, Farr finds a creative solution: building a small loft in the main bedroom. She includes a modern black ladder and wire railings that give the space an industrial look.

Of course, Maria and David love this loft office, which Maria calls a “loftice.” It’s a great solution that makes the home feel unique and doesn’t take up any extra space.

“I’m going to work; this is my commute,” David says, climbing the ladder. “From bed to work, no traffic!”

office loft
The loft office allows for an easy commute.


Do they love it or list it?

Before renovations, Visentin says David and Maria’s house is worth $280,000. After putting $95,000 into a renovation, the house is appraised at $400,000. That’s an increase of $120,000!

While Maria and David are impressed with Farr’s makeover, they decide to list their home and buy a bigger place with their profits. We’re sure a new buyer will love their “loftice” commute as much as David did!

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